Sunday, 8 March 2015

An Open Letter To Barack Obama - 2

Dear Barry,

Just watched your speech on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Bridge march.

Fine speech.  Fine speech.

I've got a couple of questions. But one will do for now.

You referred to, quote, "voter suppression laws," as not only something from the past, but even something that 'some people' are trying to bring back in this very day.  Would that be what 'some people' call 'voter integrity laws'?  Trying to clean up the voter registration rolls and pass voter ID laws, so that we can trust the voting process more??  Especially given all the horror stories that have been coming out regarding the corruption of the voting process in this country, and all???

You see, I'm especially curious about that particular reference of yours, because it has become clear to me, as a concerned citizen who has been living abroad for many years, that the voting process in this country is teeming with voter fraud, and NEEDS to be cleaned up.  Or it is a sham and a delusion - a mockery of democracy - not to be trusted.

Now, I accept that you might feel a bit wary of such measures, given the history of 'voter suppression' laws in this country, against blacks, particularly in the South, where voters were asked to jump through hoops that were clearly designed to put them off voting.  But in our day, what is putting so many off voting - besides the lack of good, clear choices, not degrees of echoes - is the corruption in the process.  Surely, it is not asking too much for a voter to present his or her legitimate photo ID upon going to vote; especially given the fact that we citizens need such ID to do most things in life these days.  And to call for tightened measures regarding people registering to vote; which regulations - simple commonsense measures - are sorely lacking in many states, thus tempting ineligible people to 'go for it'.

You wouldn't be meaning, by your use of the code term, 'voter suppression laws,'  to deny common sense voting requirements, would you?

Otherwise, why is your Department of Justice going around the country trying to defeat such requirements??

And why is your Department of Justice - as divulged by a DOJ whistleblower - refusing to investigate allegations of illegal voting during the last presidential election???

Just as your Department of Homeland Security is actively telling its Immigration authorities on the ground to stop checking for the identity of suspected illegal aliens.  And you are signaling to prospective illegal aliens to come here and partake in our 'democracy'.  And so forth, and so on.  And on.   And on.                

But as I say:

Fine speech.  Fine speech.


P.S. Could there be any reasonable question by now?  We are falling under a dictatorship.  Arbitrary law, the dictator setting his own terms on his power - check.  Medical dictatorship, where the state determines what you and your children will have done with and to your bodies - check.  So-called 'black sites' in American cities, where people are simply 'disappeared' - check.  American patriots being considered as, and treated as, potential 'terrorists' - check.  

Need I really go on???

But a lot of the words emanating from these dark forces can sure sound nice.  

The better to trap you with, my dears.

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