Monday, 25 July 2016

On Deliberately Unrenewed Memberships

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is wondering why I haven't renewed my membership in their illustrious organization.  It should be clear to them by now.  I have sent in, in reply to their requests for either a membership 'fee' or a donation to their worthy cause, a number of responses like the following one this time:

'Dear Roger [F. Wicker, Chairman],

'Just as soon as the Republican Party calls Obama & the Democrat Party on his illegality in & ineligibility for the office, I will get right to my renewal.

'You didn't know about his ineligibility for that office?  But I have written you many times about it, & the info is readily available on the Internet.  See, e.g.:; &/or go directly to the source: E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212:

'"The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens..." - & that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

'I still await the Republican Party putting this nation back to rights.  Absent that action, stop yours in mailing me these requests for support.'


Do I expect a response?  It's pretty clear to me by now that my comments back on these form letters are not getting to a human; or if they do, said human is not paid to bother reading them, much less forwarding them on to the desk of the form letter signer - even though I always write on my response envelopes in these sorts of situations 'for the Personal Attn. of' so-and-so.  But hey - one does what one can.

And let me make something clear.

I am very happy to have others help in 'setting this nation back to rights'.  But in any event, it will happen.  With you. Or without you.

You see, we are faced with a Check Point.   Nothing will pass over into The New unless it can pass an initiation rite, requiring authenticity, and integrity.  We are involved in a Ring Pass Not.  Only those who can qualify for Ascension need bother 'boarding the bus'. 1  So, for example, it matters not whether someone believes in 'original intent' regarding the Constitution or not.  Anything that does not jibe with 'the law of the land' - to say, that is tainted with corruption - is out.




So; Obama is Out.2  And all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O's and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that the has made - including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts - go with him, into the trash bin.  (And so, of course, do the decisions those judges were involved in.)  It is to be as if he were never there.  For, he was never there legally.3

The sitting Congress: Dissolved.  For not reining in the rogue executive.  As to those representatives of The People anyway:

Both current major political parties: Out.  On RICO-statute charges.  For having colluded in the 'nbc' matter, of both Obama and the Republican Party candidates that that party tried to slip through the hole in the hull of the good ship USS Constitution made by the Democrats.4  So: Elections are out, until all that sort of thing is set right.

Which includes the setting to rights of all of the electoral processes in the country.  I have been so pissed off at how deep this country has fallen in the muck on that issue.   My country - behaving like some tinpot banana republic on this fundamental matter of democratic processes...Not to go into that subject here.  Just to say: All aspects of corruption in that process: Out.  Before there will be any more elections.

An aside as to that subject: I have in the past in various online comments on this subject made a distinction between federal elections and state elections, giving states the 'right' to conduct their state affairs as they see fit - and leaving it up to the state's citizenry to clean up the act of their state on the issue.  But on reflection, I realize that it is not fair for a U.S. citizen to be subjected to corrupt practices at either the federal or state level. And citizens of MY country will not be subjected to corruption on any political/legal level.  

You will see, from the above, that I am claiming authority over my country.

So. Be.  It.

And just one final comment, and subject, for this particular blog:

The Western monetary system:

Out.  To be replaced with an interim stage of exchange - based on precious metals/resources - until we get to 'the real thing':

the ability to manifest our needs personally.  Physically. By the likes of free energy devices and replicators.  From the energy of the Creation.  As dutiful children thereof; having reached a stage of maturity allowing us to engage in such activities.

If you want to claim membership in the New Order of Things - the true New Order of Things:

All aboard.

And hold on.  It's going to be an interesting ride.



1 Their auras give them away.  Cheaters not only never prosper (at least not proverbially speaking). They don't qualify to start with.
   With the Akashic records as backup.

2 And there is an irony there.  It may well turn out that Obama is, after all, in fact, a 'natural born' citizen - the child of a Jewish groupie in NYC and her enamored, the black American man known to the world as Malcolm X.  (Having been 'parked' with a low-key communist family in the network, to be raised free from association with his actual roots, in order to be groomed for future political fame.  And overthrow purposes.)
   Not that it will do him any good.   He still goes down.  On charges of fraud, perjury, and treason - at a minimum.

3 And speaking of the SCOTUS: Neither RBG nor Kagan should have taken part in the same-sex decision; should have either recused themselves or been recused, for both of them having officiated at said type of marriages, and thus having the equivalent of business before the court.  So that decision is out on that legal leg as well.

4 Both parties having found out - as I have remarked on many times in my online Comments on this matter - that it was going to be too difficult to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on the matter.  So, they just decided to try to slip it by the half-asleep American people; and, with their control between them of the most of the MSM and the judicial branch - plus a little bribery one on the one hand, and offers that a person couldn't refuse not he other - they figured that they could get away with their little caper.
   Bad decision.

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