Monday, 18 July 2016

On A 'Right Wing Insurrection'

I am still ‘smarting’ (and so to speak) from ‘My Encounter With Eric’ - from the clever scheme now being employed by the New World Order crowd.  The term ‘right wing extremism’ - with the one of ‘radical white supremacists’ leading subtly up to ‘the real thing’ - is a ploy, a stratagem: a deliberate attempt to conflate “patriots - constitutionalists - Second Amendment supporters - Ron ’Audit the Fed’ Paul supporters - veterans - Christians”* with ‘potential domestic terrorism,’ meaning, in rather truth, opposition to the takeover attempt going on of the nation by the NWO forces and agenda, in order to reduce the U.S. simply to being a mere part of a region of said entity, which region has been called the North American Union.  And thus the push by said forces for the likes of open borders.  ’Open borders’ being code for the loss of sovereignty as a nation-state.

And that’s what UN forces would be doing in this country: to help bring that noxious state of affairs into being.  NOT to help ‘save the nation’ from ‘white supremacists’.  

Don’t try to kid this patriot, Eric & Co.  I’m on to you.  And I hope more Americans are; and continue to wake up, to what is going on in their country, at this takeover time.

This takeover attempt time.

Turning into a close-one thing.

Anyway: thanks for the tipoff, Eric.  I see what the plan is: to label your patriot enemies as ”white supremacists;” needing the support of UN troops - and blacks and Hispanics, and illegal aliens, and Muslim ‘refugees’ - to put down the “insurrection” of.  Clever.

But not clever enough.

God is one step ahead of you.

As always.

* quoting from ‘advice’ to the DHS by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) - a far leftwing front - of ‘right wing extremists’ to be on the lookout for, and, when the ball drops, to round up.

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