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On Jumping To Conclusions - Or Not

from ‘Roger Stone Eats “Sore Losers” Kasich, Mike Lee Alive’ - Rick Wells - July 20
(And a second video of a phone iv with Lee by Steve Malzberg of NewsMax gets testy…but at least he gave Lee a plug for his new book, ‘Our Lost Constitution…) 

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There is something very strange going on with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. For both of them supposedly being such staunch defenders of and knowledgeable experts on the Constitution, they simply can’t be unmindful of the fact that Cruz is not a ‘natural born citizen’, and is therefore not eligible for the office of POTUS (or the VP job either, by constitutional amendment). Why they would want to subvert the Constitution that way is a mystery – unless one takes into consideration the larger picture of our time. That being the attempted imposition, by some very powerful people, of a New World Order, whereby the former U.S.A. becomes a mere part of a region of a totalitarian superstate, and Mike and Ted bank on the Hispanic vote to give them a leadership role in the New Order of Things.

It also has to do with the curious role of the Mormon Church in all this. As a former member of that church, I feel that I can say, with some legitimacy, that it feels as though the leadership of the Church is in sync with this particular New Order of Things. They may think that it is of the Light. It is not. At least, not of the legitimate Light. And if this is a valid suspicion, then they need to wake up to their mistake. And fast.

It may have to do with the Freemasons (who have always had a strong relationship with the Mormon Church). But I’ll leave my conjecturing there. Just to say, in closing: Mike Lee needs to do a better job of checking out the historical record of the NBC clause’s inclusion in the Constitution, if he expects anybody to take his perspective on Our Lost Constitution as ‘gospel’.


I have long been disturbed by the fact that the state of Utah allowed the NSA to build a huge facility in their state.  This is anathema to all that is holy about the U.S. - this is NOT the former Soviet Union, or East Germany, with its Stasi network functioning in a surveillance state.  But one wonders...

The higher echelons of the Freemasons believe in Lucifer as a, the, Light Bearer.  Apparently they also believe that he should rule over the world.


I like David Spangler's take on this matter.  I know that some American Christians consider him, and the whole New Age 'thing,' to be 'of the Devil'.  But somewhere in his writings - let me back up a bit here, for some background info first.  He had left the Findhorn Community (in the north of Scotland), after living there for three years, just a few years before I got there (his departure in 1973, to my arrival at the beginning of 1976).*  During his time there, the community - a 'New Age' spiritual community, with a strong focus on living in harmony with Nature - grew substantially, particularly with young Americans who had become aware of David through his writings and lectures and were impressed with the wisdom and insights for a young man.  I was also very impressed with his writings, in particular his book 'Revelation: The Birth of a New Age,' which I can heartily recommend to anybody, New Ager, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist; anybody.  Some good stuff in there, about - in a word - consciousness, and more specifically, consciousness-raising.  Somewhere in his writings - not in that book - he wrote of a particular subject in a way that seemed to make sense to me, when he made reference to Lucifer and The Christ; Lucifer - in David's understanding of these cosmic things - being the Master of involution - souls coming into matter, and experiencing separation and duality; for the spiritual growth/maturing process involved in the experience - and The Christ being the Master of evolution - souls going out of matter, heading back towards Unity with The One.  

There is a role for both, in the grand, cosmic scheme of things.

It is now the time for the role of The Christ to lead us back towards Unity.  

So.  In conclusion.

There can be a misunderstanding of the term 'the Light'. 

I mean 'the Light' as in lighting our way back to our Oneness.

But I am afraid that some people - and I number Freemasons amongst them - are confused about the term.

And have chosen the wrong side, to champion.  Especially at this time. 

Pray that they wake up in time.

'In time': to make their choice.  

And join the rest of us.

Most of us incarnate souls at this time.

In the Ascension Process going on.

As we speak.


* Having been on the spiritual path on my own for many years, and having just come across, in my eclectic reading, these likeminded souls.
   The community itself started in 1962; another, and long, story.

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