Friday, 29 July 2016

Synopsis Of The Play

“Dear Friend,

“It’s no longer catch-and-release.  It’s now ‘don’t even bother anymore.’

“Not only has Barack Obama and his New York fundraiser-turned-Homeland Security chief disarmed and disabled the Border Patrol…

“…now they’ve told agents not to even bother arresting illegal aliens anymore…

“…(I)t makes absolutely no sense to deny Border Patrol Agents the right to self-protection…

“…and it’s insane to say they can’t shoot at a speeding vehicle bearing down on them!

“But that’s just what Obama and his handpicked man in charge, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, are doing.  They have issued ‘updated Guidelines’ that instruct the U.S. Border Patrol not to fire on moving vehicles and to retreat from people throwing projectiles.

“In fact, it is now a disciplinary matter for a Border Patrol Agent to discharge his firearm at a drug runner barreling down the road at them, or to confront illegal aliens who are hurling rocks at her head…

“…instead they have to ‘retreat or take cover’…

”…even if there isn’t any place to go!

“It’s insane!”1

Not really.  It’s all part of The Plan: to take down this country.  By stirring up such animosity - along with other such measures; like bucketloads of regulations from this socialist-style executive branch2 - as to give The Great Pretender the excuse he needs, and his puppet masters need, for him to declare a state of national emergency, and consequent state of martial law, by which he can then dispense with the fig leaf of the Constitution altogether, rather than eliminate it by the death of a thousand cuts that he has been engaged in so far.  

Which brings up an allied point: 

So - Congress: Where the hell are you??

I’ll tell you where you are.  You are on the verge of being considered irrelevant and immaterial.  Not only in terms of the nation's sovereignty.  But for not doing anything - or at least, anything sufficient - to reign in a rogue executive.  Undoubtedly, for having been bought off.  And possibly with a measure of having been given an offer that its individual members couldn’t refuse.3  Either way: it's treasonous. 

Basically, what is happening is this:     

The New World Order crowd are trying to break down our borders so that those borders - and we - can be overwhelmed, not only by an invading force of Muslims - to undercut the prevailing Christian culture - but by illegal aliens and other cheap labor sources (Venezuelans are being set up to flood north as we speak, in an orchestrated move of economic refugees),4 and more people to go on our welfare benefit rolls (the perps also desirous of getting them onto our voting rolls to boot; all of which is theft), in order ultimately to break the back of the country financially, in order to ‘pick up the pieces’ and merge it into being merely a part of a region of our erstwhile masters’ New World Order.5  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:    

Obama and his Marxist minions are trying to tie this country into such a regulatory ‘not’ - ‘Not this allowed, Not that allowed’ - that it can never escape from the control of the central state; precisely as in any other failed communist state that there has ever been.  He would, of course, describe it all as merely ‘good governance’.  Right.  Socialist style.   By which to bring in such sovereignty-destroying measures as the TPP, and the other treaty with nations across the Atlantic.  Thus destroying the nation, not from an adversary from the outside. But from within.

Our shadow side.  Giving us a challenge within ourselves to meet.

Or not.

Our choice. 

As always.  


1 letter from Cheryl Burns, Project Chairman, The American Minutemen Project

2 See also the article headed ‘Ruinous Rule by Regulations’ in the ‘Correction, Please!’ section of the June 6 issue of The New American.

3 Not hyperbole.  That's how serious these people are about their long-standing takeover plot.
   It's the same with all the murders going on of alternative health practitioners, who are alerting the public in particular to such as effective alternative cancer treatments, and others alerting the public to the dangers of vaccines.  TPTB need to have the ability to kill off as many people as they can, who stand in the way of their NWO, their profitable enterprises, and especially their Power Over Others; thinking they are better than those Others.  When in point of fact, We Are All One.
   But to continue.       

4 The Jesuit pope is behind this maneuver as well.  I call on all true and good Catholic Christians to throw off the leadership of this pope.  He is a false shepherd; leading you astray, for his master.  And I assure you, that is not who you think it is.

5 This; and with all the false flag ops going on, and actual terrorist activity, and attempts to start a race war: the American citizenry has shown remarkable restraint, under a huge amount of pressure to lose it.  The perps - Zionist Jews in particular amongst them; who are maneuvering to place themselves with the minorities against 'white supremacists' - must be wondering, What in hell is it going to take to get them to react big enough for Our Man In The Oval Office to be able to do his 'martial law' thing???
   But, you say, Obama is aligned with the Muslims against the Jews/Israelis??
   But, e.g., ISIS is being led by an Israeli.  I am saying, that not everything is at it appears to be.
   The Hollywood crowd knows that truism better than anybody else.  They have made a living at it.
   And you could also say: a killing.

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