Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A New Day's Dawning

from’Democrats Attract Hordes of Protesters to Philadelphia’ - shawn - July 25; posted here July 27

  • Paula Brummett an hour ago (July 27)
  • It has just been announced. The Democrats are scared by the recent polls of Trump gaining. Obama is setting aside his political duties the whole month of October to campaign with Hillary. We are paying him to do his Presidential job, not campaigning for Hillary. He needs to campaign on his time, not ours. 
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    • Morton212 Paula Brummett 29 minutes ago 

    • As a patriot he will have to do whatever it is to prevent Trump gaining any more popularity. I am sure you understand that. You have to know that with multiple adulterous relationships during three marriages, and hanging out with Roger Ailes- no woman is safe in his vicinity. So unless you are really very needy - or totally hideous - you would heed well to lay low while Donald Trump is prowling.
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    •          kibitzer3 Morton212 2 minutes ago (July 27)

      • For the crime of jeopardizing our national security by using an unsecured email system while SoS alone, Hillary needs to be jailed.

      • Trump's 'crimes' are mere peccadilloes compared to Hillary's. Get some rational sense of priorities, Morton 212. Your 'true believer' side is showing.
(incidentally, Morton212 came back at me with the statement that the FBI found
no evidence of a problem with Hillary’s emails.  Check this out, from former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey:

According to Mukasey, the gross negligence described by Comey is actually enough to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

“There is no issue of intent under the statute, under either statute. He’s talking about two separate laws: One says that if you show gross negligence in putting classified material where it shouldn’t be and in the hands of somebody who shouldn’t have it, that is a felony. Now gross negligence is the only level of intent you need, and what he described was gross negligence.” 

(from ‘Former A.G. Michael Mukasey: Comey Stepped Way Outside His Job’ - Matthew Wisner - July 6; posted under LibertyHeadlines - July 27) 

from ‘BREAKING: Russia Reveals Truth About Email Hack… Trump Immediately Responds’ - July 27 
(This site doesn’t allow anybody to post comments who does not go through Facebook.  I recently dropped out of FB because of its demonstrated bias -  allowing one of its platforms to show the outrageous, violence-inciting image of a BLM dude in hood slitting the throat of a white cop, a la Jihadi Johnny, on the one hand, and not allowing posts critical of Hillary on the other.  Hence, I cannot post a comment on this site.  So, here is the comment that I would have made, if I had been allowed to.)

From all that I have bean able to glean about Putin, he seems dead set against the New World Order crowd, so obviously he would have a preference for a U.S. led by Trump rather than one led by the Cabal's front piece of ****, Hillary the Hun.  Yes, Russia got a good business deal via Hillary when they gained access to uranium over here.  But what is one to make of this:

“'Moscow is at pains to avoid any words that could be interpreted as direct or indirect interference in the election process,' said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin."  Which is a chess player's way of saying, 'We haven't said a thing - no words'.  Actions, of courses, are a different thing from "words".  The sort of parsing of words which The Beast's Other Half, Billy Goat, knows so well himself; and can likely appreciate in this instance...

As for Hillary’s continued litany of falsehoods and dark-side behavior, as itemized so concisely and cleatry in a YouTube chat by Dick Morris in response to Bill’s speech at the Nominating Convention about The Beast Who Would Be Queen: What a tale of corruption and deceit.  Lying and power-mongering is first nature to her.  She has been engaged in corrupt activity her whole adult life at the least.  I also understand that she, while SoS, attended operational planning meetings with the DHS “with regard to using food as a weapon against the American people who might engage in a civil uprising if the globalists steal the election in favor of their candidate, Hillary Clinton.”  (from; ‘Clinton’s Secret Task Force Will Use Starvation Against Americans Who Rebel Against a Stolen Election’ - Dave Hodges - July 27; referencing E.O. 13603) 

This sort of thing will - not - stand.

It’s not just me saying this.

The frequency we are about to enter won’t tolerate these sorts of actions, or level of being, in limited consciousness.

It’s a New World.  Literally.

And maybe that’s why she acted so strangely in a recent video shot of her.  A demon may be trying to get out of her; sensing its days are over.  For, it is 

that time.

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