Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Just Who Do You Think You Are??

Question: What makes me think - what makes me feel - the way i do??

Answer: A lifetime of feeling that I was here for some good reason.  I remember telling a guest in one of the programs that I led at the spiritual community where I lived for many years during my adulthood, when some subject or other came up, that, quote, “I didn’t choose to incarnate at this time in order to waste my time”.  I am here to help set things to rights.  Which happens to involve the future direction of the United States; of that I am quite sure.  To build on its lead, from its founding.

It’s quite a feeling.  And a very strong feeling.  And when I read of such things as armed federal agents (the BLM of a different sort) telling landowners in rural areas of America, where some strange things are going on - like construction sites in the middle of nowhere, and like railroad tracks being built leading into cliffs, wherein are hidden from view ovens - to stay away (‘But this is my property.  See?  Here’s the proof.’  ‘Not interested.  We have taken this area over, for purposes of national security.  Stay away.  Or else.  See??  Here’s our proof.’), things have gone too far.  We are not anybody’s indentured slaves.

If this is all because of an expected cosmic threat to the nation and the planet, The People have a right to know about it, and make their own plans.  But if this is all the tell-tale marks of a takeover plot - as it all appears to be; our erstwhile masters miffed at us in the U.S. because we wouldn’t let them start building the highway infrastructure for their North American Union, so they are going to go about it another way* - then I guess we will have to fight fire with fire.

I am a peaceful man, by nature; knowing, as I do, that All is One, and so, As I do unto others, so do I do unto myself.  But no one will take over my  country.

Except those who are in alignment with the higher vision, of the Will of our Creator Source.   

As to that category:

On Being Change Agents

Our job
Is not to
Accept things
      the way’
      they are
But rather to
      shake up
The status quo
      in order to
    ring in
  The New,

The universe
Has Purpose
  and that purpose
  is Good

 and that sacrificing
  to ourselves
        is not
  The Good.

Be careful
    of what
   ask for.

All change
Is not Good
    per se.

* like they did with the ineligibility of their front man, Obama, for the office of the presidency.  ‘Not eligible?  So what?  We control the media and the judiciary, and, of course, the legislature.  Problem solved.  The Constitution is just a damn piece of paper, anyway.’

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