Friday, 29 July 2016

On Seat Fillers & Other False Images

The report, by a Bernie supporter at the Democrat Nominating Convention, that the event's honchos had brought in 'ringers' to fill the seats vacated by Bernie supporters and cheer, at 50 bucks for 7 hours (= $7.15/hr; not even half the Dem's desired $15/hour minimum wage), for the poor deluded saps on stage and for the TV cameras, has brought to mind other false images that we have had to endure, for some time now.

I will think back, e.g., to 9/11.  Not that there weren't other major false images sold to us before then; the JFK 'lone gunman' assassination and the OKC Murrah Building bombing being a couple of other such falsified 'happenings' (aka false flag ops).*  But to keep this blog short, I will start with The Big One - "a New Pearl Harbor," that started the U.S. in a big way into the mess that we are in today.  9/11 having kicked off our misadventures in the Middle East, which the Israelis capitalized on to stir up their Islamic enemies into playing patsies for them.

Ah well.  I have decided to not even get into some of the other imagery games that our erstwhile masters have played on us  - like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and Orlando; all replete with the  ludicrous likes of their crisis actors, which observant auditors on the Internet have alerted us to.  Those of us who are wise to the machinations of these s.o.b.'s attempting to rule the world, that is.  But I am so angered at one imagery game in particular that I just want to cut to the chase.

It has to do with the Constitution of this sold-out country.  When Michelle tells us Americans - in prime time - that she teaches her children "to ignore those who question their father's citizenship or faith," she is, of course, talking about -


the birth certificate!

And then The Great Pretender follows with reference to his Kansas grandparents and their ancestors, saying, "I don't know if they had their birth certificates, but they were there..."

Cue laughter.  And even cheers.  From the dummies in the DNC auditorium.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

Ladies and gentlemen.  American citizens, first of all; regardless of modern-day political party affiliation.   You are being had, by experts in imagery.  You are being manufactured, as party to the elimination of the rule of law in this country, and the enthronement of tyranny.  And as crowned by The Great Pretender's E.O. 13603.  Which gives not only him total - and I mean total; blank-check dictatorial - power over you (including "unpaid employment".  Meaning, in any language, and any parsing of the term: slavery).  But gives it to his successor in that purloined office as well.  The serial criminal, harpy Hillary.  By voting machines already set up for the job.  As already well 'oiled' in the Democrat Party primaries, against the hapless Bernie, and his true-believer army of meshuginahs.  

That is, if TPTB don't decide to pull the plug first, because the candidacy of The Donald is stirring up the American populace too much, for their own good.  That is to say, for the good of TPTB.  Never mind the 'good' of the populace.  That doesn't matter, in the grand masters' scheme of things.  For, they know what is best for you.  And you.  And you.  Mere serfs to those who would be your masters.

In their dreams.

Not in this universe.  Or this country.

You picked the wrong country to try to ply your takeover machinations in, boys and girls.

It's time for the adults to take over.  And put a screeching halt to your best-laid schemes.

For that is all that they are.

And I will keep The Donald on, for good measure.  He is a solid, 21-game winner.  He has his faults.  But nothing like yours.

So, put that in your legalized marijuana pipes and smoke it, children.

We're going under

New Management.

And - as will be a surprise to you; and to many on the the other side of the process, as well  - it will contain elements of your own platform.  Because that is how these historical things work: by natural laws.  Thesis.  Antithesis.  Synthesis; which, because the process is not completed, becomes the thesis stage of the next go-round of action-reaction unfoldment.  And when the process reaches the global stage, it generates the completed stage, and state, of Synthesis.

The intended Dark side's kingdom, bereft of God - the true God - now morphing into the Light side's takeover, in alignment with the will of God.

Of our mutual Creator Source.

Who welcomes all the players of The Process back into The Fold.  But if you choose to stay stuck to and in your Dark-side identity: well, that's

your choice.

As always.

See you, suckers. The rest of us have work to do.

Big work: Ringing in

The New.

The altogether


More on which, anon.


* Sone of which are outright hoaxes; some of which are 'real' but manufactured, to attempt to blame another party.   As the Western European intelligence agencies staged a series of explosions under the code name of Operation Gladio, attempting to portray the Red Army Faction as the culprit.  And as Mossad does constantly, to blame the Ayrabs.

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