Monday, 25 July 2016

On Ringing In The New

First, a message from The Old:

from ’The Great Wall of Trump and the Real Reason Why It Is Needed’ - Dave Hodges -  July 23/4
(What we are really talking about here is the terrorists flooding into this country.)

Stan July 25, 2016 at 12:52 am
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The best solution is simply to put the lld back on the honey jar that has attracted the illegal aliens – and then the jihadis won’t have a sea to swim in, and can be identified and interdicted more easily, and with firmer measures.

By putting the lid back on what is attracting IAs here, I mean: No more jobs (with employers facing fines and jail time for employing IAs); and no more welfare benefits of any kind. Period. Come in the front door, or don’t bother. Nothing here for you if you are here illegally.

America needs to get back in the business of being a nation-state. That means WITH BORDERS. 


So: First things first.  Clean up our act.  Get rid of all the corruption that has been going on, and the corrupt thinking of American citizens, for 'getting while the getting is good' - milking The System for all it's worth.  And not to be talking about just the welfare addicts on the lower end of the economic ladder: the self-decided unemployed who really shouldn't be living on the taxpayers' dime - which is theft - and the welfare mommy who has kids for the money that scam brings in, and so forth (and Yes, Mommy; you know you are scamming The System; it's what is in your heart that counts); but also those towards and at the top end, the 'crony capitalists' making big on all that good government money that sloshes around, enticing all and sundry to bend their scruples.  I'm ashamed of all of you.  But it's time to move on.

It's time, that is to say specifically,  to wake up to the fact that we have been bamboozled by 'the moneychangers' - by 'the bankers', and their partners in crime, in politics especially.  For: dig it: a truism:

We have all that we need within us.    

Affluence is a matter of attitude.  You don't need an interest-bearing money system to motivate you to do unto your neighbor as you would have your neighbor do unto you.  All you need, to share goods and services with one another - and watch things grow! - is the desire to 

do good.

To be a good person.

Because life has meaning.

Which is to grow in consciousness back towards our Creator Source.

To become One again.  With the All That Is.
And as we now enter the Energy of The New, we are to be gifted with the means to get our New Age off the ground, by a cache of gold and such, that we are being given, to

do good with.


The Old Way:


Along with all the debt that that way accrued.

A fresh start.

With the awareness, now, of how to do a better job of it all.

From the experiences of the past.

So, as terrible as some of them have been, they have been of benefit, after all.

If we choose them to be so.


it's all in our minds.

As I said:

We have all that we need - 

altogether now:

within us.






A New Day:


At last.

A New World.

If we can keep it.

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