Monday, 11 July 2016

Facebook Inciting Violence - I'm Out

Facebook Farewell

Just posted on my Facebook page this evening:

Just now ·(July 11)

Dear Facebook Friends (& Whomsoever else): I am dropping my FB 'page'. Although it is a fine tool with which and through which to stay in touch with my Friends, Mark Zuckerberg and HIS friends at FB are running a corrupt operation. On the one hand, they allow a poster to post a big image of a hooded Black Lives Matter dude slitting the throat of a white cop a la ISIS - clear incitement to violence - yet on the other hand they censor simple posts detailing the criminal activities of Hillary. I'm outta here, in protest. 'Bye.


I will not be a party to such outrageous provocation.

George Soros: Get your blooded money out of our country, and stop your incitements to violence, in order to bring about chaos ('Crisis = Opportunity') in order to advance your - and your NWO buddies' - agenda, of takeover, and establishment of a totalitarian global state.

That is the Dark side of the picture.

Here comes the Light.

Your day is done.

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