Saturday, 30 July 2016

Up On The Farm

Once we have set this nation to rights - defeated the age-old Adversary - and started it out - with the whole world following the lead of this nation state, dedicated to The Individual, for possessing a soul; the pearl of great price - on its Next Steps - or harmonic level - we can take a short rest, before our next Calling.

Who is the ’we’ that I am referring to? 

Ever heard of Prince Valiant?  The Knights Templar??  That sort of thing???

‘We’ are the forces of Light.  Which will always win out, in the end.  For there is nothing else but Light, in truth.  Well, there is the - perceived - absence of Light.  But that is only a trick of perception.  An aid to spiritual progress.  (You have heard of the Pilgrim’s Progress as well???)  

We are all on a Quest.  A Quest for our personal Truth.  And when we have found it, we ‘move up a notch’.  As I just indicated above (‘above’…), it is all a matter of harmonics.  Octaves of Light.  Shifts in frequency, in resonance.  

We are all going Up.  Are just in different stages of our personal ability to resonate, is all.  To the stage that The Stage of The Play is moving to…

…but to get back to the title that I have put on this blog.

Once we have stabilized America in its next, higher level of resonance, we need to give attention to Education, in order to help the next generation, and those succeeding that one, to appreciate fully their history. Their roots.  

And their roots lie in such as the story - the true story - of the Father of this nation, George Washington, when, after having served the budding nation valiantly, and having returned to his farm, to live out his life in peace and quiet, tending to retired life at Mount Vernon, he was called on yet once again.  The details don’t matter (sometimes, details don't matter.  Sometimes); all that matters is that one day a courier arrived on his doorstep, and reported that he was needed once again.  And Washington - a real human; not just the stalwart figure of legend - was reported to have groaned, and said, irascibly: “Haven’t I done enough for my country?” and sent the courier away, empty handed, as it were.  But after some head shaking (I assume; that part of the story is not reported, the other person present, the courier, having been sent away, empty-handed, as it were), he sighed, and - perhaps still grumbling a bit - saddled up, and went to report, for his next tour of duty, for his country.  Having, apparently, not having done enough for his country.  Not by then, at least.

This story has a happy ending.  As we all know.  After some close-run stages.  But I mean in terms of this telling, when George Washington was finally released from duty to his country, and was able to live out his life on his beloved Mount Vernon. 

I tell this, not only for this generation of Americans to appreciate the sacrifices that their Founders made - and there are many other such noble stories to tell.  But to make - in a way - the case for

our farms.

The places where we would like to return to.  When our duty calls are done.  

I don’t know where yours is.  And I am not precisely sure where mine is.

But oh, how I long to return to

my farm.

And just ‘putter around’ a bit.

Until my next call to duty.

Because, you see,

we old souls have signed up

for the duration.


…and let’s get ON with it.

Time’s a’wasting.  

A little pun there.  Because, you see - while you are ’seeing’ things; or at least, being asked to - 

we are being asked to move from the resonant levels of time and space  

in a fundamental shift of octaves

to the resonant levels of 

Here and 


See you on the other side of that bridge.

The bridge to

Here.  And.  Now.

Unless you are one of

my army.

In which case, t's time

to report to duty.  For,

duty calls.

Yet nice again.

Duration soldier that you are, too.

You soldier - and seeker - of

The Light.


...And Down On The Earth

The Union  Of Concerned Scientists has sent me a copy of their 2017 Calendar, and has 'invited' me to officially join them. My response, especially after looking over the images in their calendar, and seeing some real clunkers:

"You people are for fluoridation?!

"Don't let the hockey stick hit you on the way out of my mail box."

I'm sure that they will get my picture.

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