Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Now That 9/11 Is Back In The News...

...and speaking of "good, old-fashioned criminals," as I was just doing in my last blog:

Let's hope that the 28 pages of redacted material on 9/11 will lead somewhere.  Other than into a news black hole; as it has, given the Republican Nominating Convention in particular.  But no great loss, I understand.  The report is that it was 28 pages of whitewash.

I won't go into all the details.  But I do want to comment on the appalling, disgusting, obscene, outrageous fact that 9/11 was intended to be much more than about 'the Towers'.  The perps - Mossad agents (excuse me; "art students") - planned on exploding vans in, and taking down, the George Washington Bridge and the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels as well.  To make their attack on the American homeland a real doozie.  To get us to go after those damn Ayrabs like an angry nest of hornets ("like a New Pearl Harbor").  And help clear the Middle East for Eretz Israel.

It involves a nest of these termites in Fort Lee, New Jersey; overlooking the GW Bridge, and the high-rise sites for their radio jammers, to interdict the emergency squads - as actually happened in the Twin Towers, when the radios of the Fire Department heroes were intentionally jammed.
But not to go into the gory details here.  Just to note the source for this info: a series of articles in Veterans Today.

Read them, and weep.  For those murdered that day.  For those who died in its aftermath.  And for our country.  Almost - almost - taken over by these criminals.

Although - and as one of the White Hats says in the articles: "Our government is just one big criminal enterprise from top to bottom."

Which will now change.

Which.  Will.  Now.  Change.

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