Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Petty Little Shits...

...At FB Are At It Again

It was bad enough when one of the FB platforms (Instagram) allowed to be posted a horrific image of a hooded BLM dude slitting the throat of a white cop (a la Jihadi Johnny, but complete with graphic slit and spattered blood) - an undeniable incitement to violence - on the one hand, and the FB censoring of criticisms of Hillary on the other.  (Which was enough to cause me to close out my account with FB, in protest.)  Now I see, by a mailing from the American Conservative Union, and via a whistleblower from inside the FB organization, that they routinely censor anything that has a taste of conservatism to it - and are now going to censor ‘hate speech’ .  As defined by whom??  Oh -  I see.  As defined by the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  Who are they?  A far Left outfit.  Whom the Obama administration has called on to give advice to the DHS.  What kind of advice?

Take a guess.

Including guessing what kinds of categories of citizens that the SPLC warns the DHS about as ‘potential domestic terrorists,’ and as engaging in ‘hate speech’:

Patriots.  Constitutionalists.  Second Amendment supporters.  Ron Paul bumper sticker displayers.  Veterans.  Christians.  ’Secure the Border’ advocates…

I could go on, about all the crap going on in our nation today, from the Overthrow crowd, and as orchestrated from both the far Left and the far Right (with the same nest of vipers at the top of the pyramid of power, pulling the strings).  But let me cut to the chase. 

Too many citizens don’t realize that we are in a war.  For, this isn’t just about ‘politics as usual’.  These assholes are engaging in a takeover of the country.  

An attempted takeover.

I don’t want to give them even a smidgeon of a sense of accomplishment.  The hour is late, yes.  And they have scored some victories.  (‘Refugees’ ensconced amongst us in many of our communities, with weapons caches handy; illegal alien hostiles ‘guarding’ many of our power plants; military power underneath our feet and on our shores and borders, waiting for The Call; etc.)  But they ain’t seen nothing yet, in the way of reaction to their little enterprise, for a totalitarian New World Order, to be ruled over by these wretched little pissants. 

A message to you effing assholes:

You may have been able to take over Russia, in the guise of the Bolsheviks.  But you here are up against




our country.

America is back.

And just in time, it would appear, from many angles.

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