Thursday, 14 July 2016

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

The first thing
I would do
In taking over
My country
   The Light
    would be
Bathe the White House
In blue.

Those poor men
       and women
Forming the Thin
         Blue Line
         for us
    need our
In any way
We can.
Not blind.
But kind.

And to dine
With some constitutionalists
Would be the
Next thing I
Would do,
          invited to
The People's House
A special dinner,
             in honor
              of their
     to principle.

Oh - just one
More thing
             to say
At this time
In answer to
Some natural
What would I do
For black Americans?
I would give them
      to fulfil
      their potential.
      The same as
I would do
   for everybody
Seeing as how
Are all One

       To say:
  I am not a
Liberal.  But
I am not
A doctrinaire

And as for the
I am grateful
            that I
Have not had
         my brain
Like so many
         of us
Have had
To them,
         giving them
A screwed up
    sense of
Their identity
Besides being
       a child
       of God.

Like all the rest of us
     poor pilgrims
    on the path back
   Our Oneness.

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