Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Born Leader

I remember the time in the First Grade when I was just minding my own business in the playground during a recess one day when one of my classmates came up to me and told me that some kids in Second Grade were “shooting at us”.  I looked over to where he was indicating, and sure enough, some of those kids were behind the school steps and such, play-shooting at ‘us’.  So?  What was I supposed to do about it?? I wondered - but then rose to the occasion: I instantly found myself - as if reflexively - swinging into action by turning to the tree that I was standing next to and play-ringing up on a telephone and saying: “Hello.  We need reinforcements.”  And then hung up.  And looked at my friend.  Having done my job.

I don’t know why he signaled me out for a leadership role in such an emergency occasion.  I think it was because I was head and shoulders above the other kids in my class in the ability to read.  I never understood that, at the time.  It was in part because my brother - who who was three years older than I; and as he told me some time later in life - had taught me the alphabet before I was old enough to go to school.  And that age factor was the other part, of the answer to the conundrum, as I understood it for most of my life, of feeling ‘older’ than the others around me: I didn’t start school until I was six, having just turned five the summer before.  So, I have assumed, I was just naturally older than most of the others in my classes.

But I was to ‘grok’ later in life that that wasn’t the only reason that I was, and felt, older than those around me.  It also had, and has, to do with who we are, as souls.

I am, apparently, an Elder Brother to this school of fish that I am swimming in.  Not that I personally have recognized that about me.  But - shall we say - it has come to my attention.  

I think it has something to do with auras; and others recognizing something about me that I personally don’t ‘get’, have got.  But there it is.         

And it’s often not easy, living this way.  I often have to bite my tongue.  On the one hand, I often feel 'loftier' than others around me - can see the larger picture, in which all the drama of the moment is taking place; and on the other hand, they can aggravate me to my lower-case limit.  Example.  The bloggers on the Democrat and liberal sites that I keep tabs on, to monitor the thinking going on from that (far) side of the political aisle,* have taken to labeling Trump as ‘racist,’ ‘misogynist,’ ‘xenophobic,’ and any other put-down name that they can think of in their limited - or class action oriented - vocabulary.  I want to say to them: 

Racist?  Racist?
When he is considering
The likes of Ben Carson
For a role
In his administration??
               You’ve got 
To be kidding.
           Either that, or 
           you have your 
Head up your ass
And all you can see
Is shit.

But then, that wouldn’t be dignified.  Not at all like a born leader.

So.  I bite my tongue.

And await my time.  To swing into action.  And take over.

And I often wonder if it will look something like that little First Grade kid in me who thought - naturally - to ring up for reinforcements.  I can see it now.  Some supplicant will come to my throne and plead his or her case, and I will say, “Just a minute,” and pretend to be listening to a voice - God’s, or some Higher Power - like a Secret Service guy listening to his earphone, and then make my pronouncement on the matter; perhaps complete with some “Yes…yes…uh huh…uh huh…Got it” effects thrown in for good measure.  And make my 'ruling,' and then go on to the next case.  

Because it is, really - all of it, here - 

a Play.  

* From the far left I can well imagine that simply good solid middle-of-the-road conservatives can be seen as being on the far right.  But that speaks more of the liberals’ position.  Not that of the conservatives.


And speaking of the class warfare going on - for that is what it is, really.  Many simple American citizens not really understanding these things, for not having grown up in a country where the sides have been so far oriented as to engage in civil war.  But ask an immigrant from the countries that were behind the Iron Curtain.  Before it collapsed.  For good reason.  (For treating their constituents like slaves to the system.)  Anyway; a word to this situation:

Where were you
Good Citizen
When your children
Were being indoctrinated
With disloyalty
To this nation?
      You have
Is not free.

Now, I know, that those in charge of this country over the years, particularly since World War II,* have to a large extent been sellouts to the corporate world - that “military-industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned us about, in his Farewell Address to the Nation in 1960.  And that that has generated a reaction, from the Left, which needs to be taken into consideration as a legitimate response to such subtle control over the nation.  But there is such a thing as going too far.

And the nation has gone terribly “too far,” to the Left.  Particularly under the Marxist Usurper who has been in charge of the direction of the nation for the last nearly eight years.

Which has been long enough, for the point to have been made.

Time for a course correction.

But - as I have said elsewhere - to go, neither to the Right nor to the Left.

But Up.  

The End of The Play having been reached, with the terrible prospect of a totalitarian state being imposed on the entire planet.  By people - and Alien forces - who are of a decidedly Dark side nature. 

Time, indeed, for the forces of the Light to swing into action. 

“Hello.  We will do what we can do.  But we need reinforcements.  

“Yes…yes…uh huh…uh huh…

“Got it.”

P.S. on this "neither to the Right nor to the Left" business:
     Yes, I am more a man of the Right than the Left.  I detest 'the state' controlling people to within an inch of their lives, and thus taking away effective use of their free will, and thereby stunting their growth, as 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.  But I can be bipartisan in my criticisms.  Example, from an 'Urgent Warning From The Tea Party To The Republican National Committee' petition just mailed me, to which I have added this 'personal thought':
     "The Republican Party made a terrible, and criminal, mistake when it a) signed off on Obama's illegality for & in the office,** & b) compounded the error by running its own ineligible candidates thru that breach.  It can still right that wrong.  & must, to save itself." 


* And I understand that it is not just an urban myth that some teacher told her students that that meant/stood for World War Eleven.  Hard to believe.  But it is par for the course, in these dumbed-down days. 
   On purpose.  But to continue.  In that vein.

** "see, e.g.:

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