Tuesday, 24 January 2017

3 Cases Of Justice Needing To Be Served

from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Will Trump Arrest Clinton and Soros?’ - Dave Hodges - January 22/3

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Trump invited Bill & Hill to his inaugural luncheon and championed a standing ovation for them, then calling them ‘good people’. He may have had to pay off a debt by it. But he alone is not responsible for justice being served in this country. It needs to work its way through the swamp. Politics or no politics. Or the nation will crumble from being under the rule of law into the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

from YouTube: ’NEWS ALERT, HANNITY W/ Sean Hannity 1/23/17, TRUMP NEWS TODAY’ 
(Hannity iv’s w/both Kellyanne Conway & Laura Ingraham) 

Hummpy Dummpy2 hours ago (January 24)

hogman61mike  Maybe President Trump will put Ted Cruz on the supreme court..Could be a nice thing.:-):-)

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  • Stan Stanfield1 second ago (January 24)

  • Conservatives need to start facing some serious facts.  One of them is that Cruz was not eligible for the presidential office - for the same reason that Obama was not, and which WILL be dealt with, since justice WILL be served in this universe - and so that means that he cannot be trusted with interpreting the Constitution.  Period.
  • The blunt fact is that the definition of a 'natural born citizen' at the time that the constitutional Framers put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY; signifying its special nature, in acknowledging the further fact that the occupant of that office also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - is a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens".  (E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.  Look it up.)  And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.  (It also applies to the office of the VP now, by amendment.  The only way that the Constitution CAN be changed, in such a substantive matter as the eligibility requirements for the various federal offices - and ESPECIALLY that of the president.)
  • Whether Cruz is eligible for the Senate is also a matter of question.  But that's another matter.  First things first.

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