Monday, 16 January 2017

On Pots And Kettles, & Such Mundane Things

1) from ‘Conway: Streep Playing Politics, Not Defending The Disabled’ - Jack Davis - January 9; posted January 15
The article does quote Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway as calling Streep on repeating the “debunked” claim on the disabled reporter issue, but it concentrates rather on the hypocrisy of the Left for not saying anything about the ‘special-needs’ white guy that those four punks in Chicago subjected to torture for hours, posting part of it on Facebook.  WJ only has Facebook postings, so I wasn’t able to make a comment.  (Having bailed out of FB when on the one hand, they censored any critical comments about Hillary, but on the other hand, allowed on one of their platforms a horrific image of a BLM dude, hooded like Jihadi John, graphically slitting the throat of a white cop, complete with gaping wound and blood splatters.)  Here is what I would have posted there:   

“It can't be emphasized enough that the claim that Trump "mocked" a reporter's disability has been debunked - and liberals continuing to play that phony harp need to a) be called on it every time, and b) be made to apologize to Trump and his family for not correcting their claim (hoping as they are that mud sticks).  And that goes for the MSM outlets that continue to push that false narrative.  Although by rights, Trump should sue them for defamation.  

"The Truth is out there.  The falsity needs to be exposed, for what it is: pure bs.  A smear job, out of spite for their serial criminal and congenital liar not having been able to pull off what the Left thought was a slam dunk of an election.”

2) One could be amused about the claims emanating from the Left stridently now that Trump is an "illegitimate" president if that issue weren't so serious, what with its having trashed the Constitution as it has, for the nation already having an "illegitimate" occupant in the Oval Office.  As any regular visitor to this site will know very well by now.

I am moved by all of this to say: Come on, everybody.  Wake up.  The Play should be over by now.  And it needs to be.  Before we stumble on into extremely dangerous territory, in the darkness that we have created for ourselves.  To play a Game.  Call it What If.

What If there were no God.  No purpose to life, except in and for itself only.  Stumbling around in the dark, bumping into each other, in a game reminiscent of Blind Man's Buff.  But wait a minute.  Something's wrong with this picture.  There is too much evidence in by now, that there is a larger reality, of which this 'reality' that we are ensconced in is but a part.  More dimensions than just the one that we can sense with our limited senses.  Consider, e.g., all the evidence in by now for reincarnation.  People - especially children; before their imaginations could be filled too much with potentially confusing life experiences, like reading stories of people - having flashes of memories of other lives, which, having been checked on, have proven to be true events down to precise details.  Or consider Near Death Experiences/Out Of Body Experiences, with their plethora of details.  And so on.  So: Something else - something more, is going on here.

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?  The evidence is in that 'life' - as we know it - is but part of a larger Whole.  And therefore, there is a Plan at work.  Which requires the acceptance of a Planner.

A Creative Intelligence, at work.  And thus, a Purpose to the whole thing.

So, let's start acting like there was 'something more than Man,' rather than like there is not. as we are - largely - doing at present, in our Game.  So, what would that look like.

Well, for one thing, we could get rid of this money system that we have been saddled with, by historical con artists.  This interest-bearing system, which could be called Money As Debt. It naturally creates debt, which ends up to the benefit of a few at the top of the pyramid of power thus created.  And functions on the idea that people won't do things - exchange goods and services - unless they can make a 'profit' off of the transaction.  In a scarcity situation.  In an 'economy'.  But What If - another kind - people would exchange goods and services (and give of their best in the process) out of another motive?  Out of the highest motive that there could ever be?:

Out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

Do you begin to see where this exposition is going??

We let the huge mountain of debt dissolve.  Just - dissolve.  Go away.  Call it a Jubilee.  We set up a system of exchange, based on Love, where people do things out of a desire to do them - to be creative.  Exercise their skill sets.  The exchange metered through a simple system of credits and debits.  You contribute a good or a service - you get a credit.  You receive a good or a service - you incur a debit.  And the whole 'business' is monitored by quantum computer technology.  Until we get so good at our potential abilities - moving into the likes of replicators, and teleportation, and such - that we can then do away with the concept of 'money' altogether -

and just Be, in the fullness of our potential.  As spiritual beings having a human experience.  And having developed to a level of technology where we can move into such a stage of development.   And safely.

I know a lot of people are worried about where our technology could lead us: into a totalitarian trap, of our erstwhile masters.

Yes.  But technology in and of itself is neutral.

We just have to switch our mentality to Truth, now.  To Synthesis, in Hegelian terms.  And we're home.  Free.

Or at least, a closer approximation of Home than we are engaged in at this point.

Which requires of us now our best.

Not our worst.

Up to it?  friend, on our mutual spiritual Path??

If not:

Your loss.

For a very long time to come.

Until the next Go 'Round, of the Wheel of Karma.  Or some stage thereof. When you personally have had enough, of

the Play.  And desire earnestly enough

the real thing.

Your call.

P.S.  And I hope you are beginning to 'get the picture'.  For example: No more of the likes of cancer, and Alzheimer's, and such.  They are relics of our past - need to be - wherein we paid our medical practitioners, in effect, to keep us sick.  Not to keep us healthy.  (It being good for 'the economy' to do so.)  And so forth.
     But you can begin to look at the ramifications of this changeover for yourself.
     I'm sure that you have the imagination for it.
     You are a human, after all.
     And that means, that - altogether now:
     You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  And so, are a chip off the old Block.  As it were.
     Creative.  Intelligence.
     Verging on being more, far more, of your true Self.
     As we speak.
     Hence, to pour out the abundance of Heaven - i.e.,  Light energy; the very stuff of the Creation - on Earth, in the new Age of Aquarius.
     Having been cut off from our roots, in order o find our way back again.
     Earn our wings.
     As it were.

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