Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reflections And InterReflections

A friend - who feels the New Age ‘movement’ is all a bunch of woo-woo - sent me a link to the trailer to the first of a planned series of films by The Zeitgeist Movement’s Peter Joseph (titled ‘InterReflections’.)  My response:

‘I like Peter Joseph and his ideas and thinking processes.  This film (series, if it generates the capital to continue it), judging by the trailer, seems to get in the way of a lot of what he is on about.  

‘It is really very simple.  1) Abundance is awaiting us to awaken to it, and 'earn' it in a sense: the sense of an awakening process, consciousness raising, to prove that we can use it properly; that sort of thing.  (Or it could even just be given to us, and see what we do with it.  Like introducing a water-cleansed yam to a colony of chimpanzees.)  There is all manner of evidence - and not just via David Wilcock, and his talk about the 'Yamashita Gold' or whatever that historical subject is called - that there is a plethora of gold available (some of it right here in the U.S., in the Grand Canyon), enough to give every human being a basic fortune in today's terms.  But obviously, that is not on for our erstwhile masters - they want to cull us, not prosper us.  (Greedy resource-users and environment-trashers that we are.)  So we have been kept in the dark, 'for our own good'.  Meaning, the good of our erstwhile masters.  Also as to the existence of free-energy devices; and so forth.  For the same reason - and for the reason of TPTB continuing to hold their position of power over us.  The status-quo lot of Overlords.  Whose time is now up.  Because 2) There is a God, after all.  And that changes the scenario, fundamentally.  And we're not talking about religions.  We're talking about the New Paradigm.  Which brings us back around to the likes of Peter Joseph, and his Zeitgeist Movement.  (And - horrors! - the New Age movement.  Touchy feely and all.)  

‘It's just a matter of putting God - the Real Thing - back into the equation.  If we are man enough.  So to speak.

‘Anyway - FWIW.’


And then there's this:

from ‘Where Is The Left-Wing When A Country Needs One?’ - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - January 19
(Dr. Paul points out how the (traditional) Left is being muddle-headed when it goes after Trump, who is for the middle/worker class against “the globalist corporations”.
"Now we have Donald Trump trying to restore the jobs of middle class Americans, fighting the class war for them against the Republican and Democratic oligarchs, and Greg Palast is writing that Trump stole the election!  For who, from who, Greg?…”)


Astute commentary, Dr. Paul.

I suspect that many on the Left - especially the tree-hugging Millennials - are against Trump because they have been brainwashed into the '2030 Agenda'-type belief that it is good for the environment to cut the U.S. down to Third World poverty-level size, and Trump represents the Middle Class getting off the hook, of centralized government Power Over others. I doubt seriously that many of them realize that it is the corporate/fascist gang who are behind the Environment movement, and its establishing of a carbon tax, etc., so that there will be only the extremely wealthy - our Overlords - and the extremely poor left in their Brave New World. But hey - freedom is a bad thing. Look what people get up to when they are free to: they have free speech, and such. That sort of thing is just not on. To a totalitarian.


All, needing to change.


it's time.

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