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Getting Very Tired Of The Magician's Trick Going On On The MSM

from ‘Reporting Innuendo As Fact On Russian “Hack” - This is CNN Fake News’ - Rick Wells - December 3/4

Stan // January 4, 2017 at 2:45 pm // Reply (act. December 3 PST)
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And of course the main point, EVERYBODY, is what is in the material. Not how it came to be leaked to the public.

Keep your eye on the other hand, Joe and Jill Public. Not on the hand that the Obama admin and TPTB are trying to get you to concentrate on. And don’t forget that material, as TPTB try to demonize Russia (as part of their plan to try to take down the alt. media in this country, by labeling it [as] under ‘Russian influence’). it’s damning stuff. All the more reason that our erstwhile Masters are trying to shift the public’s attention away from it all. 

The ones “trying to sow doubt and confusion” are the s.o.b.’s in our country, playing their New World Order scenario games. Don’t let them get away with it.

from YouTube: ‘Julian Assange DROPS Final Nail In Obama’s Coffin & Russia a Distraction From…’ - Lisa Haven - January 3
(Reporting on Sean Hannity's interview w/Assange over in the Ecudorean embassy, and commenting forcefully on the cover-up scenario game going on.  Good for her to emphasize that point.)

Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (January 3)

Wag the Dog...


And an excellent commentary on all this on YouTube from Judge Napolitano with that 3-person morning cozy couch-sitting news crew on whatever channel they are on (not being a watcher of TV, let alone of MSM News; so not familiar with these things).  His point: the NSA has ALL of our emails, and it was probably one of our own intel agents, disgusted with Hillary's unsecured private email system that has put the lives of all of our intel agents in jeopardy.  It could also be what other sources have said, in regards to the DNC leaks: an insider at the DNC who was disgusted with the DNC's collusive corruption in hanging Bernie Sanders out to dry and throwing their nomination to Hillary.  (Who ended up dead.  Imagine that.  Another body in the wake of the Bill & Hill Show.)

What the MSM is trying to do now is deflect the narrative, from the email leaks - of both the DNC and the John Podesta/Weiner emails - to the idea of Russia trying to get into our voting systems themselves.  But it all has to do with trying to 'spin the narrative' - to deflect the public's attention away from the material in both the DNC and the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner sites, and try to link Trump with Putin/the Russians, in order to further TPTB's agenda of attempting to start a war, and thereby a) taking down Trump (with Obama declaring martial law, and thus staying in power), and b) cementing their power over the situation.  

It's all they have.  They are going to play it to the hilt. 

And I'm just disgusted with the whole thing.  Including John Bolton trying to smear Julian Assange.  John Bolton, he of the NeoCon persuasion.  Who hates Snowden too, because the NeoCons hate the idea of their best-laid plans being leaked to the public by whistleblowers......

Boy, am I ready to take over, and end this whole charade. 


Don't YOU want to get to the real thing, and let The Games That People Play in the matrix go???

It's time for the 'A' team to step forward, folks.

Which, of course, stands for


Out of the morass.  Into

the Light.

Of The New Day; now dawning.

As we speak.

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