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One Man's Meat...

I am really sick and tired of the Left's constant corrupt take on things.

* Trump's attempts to keep jihadists from continuing to enter this country from the likes of Syria makes him 'racist,' 'xenophobic,' and probably some more Allinsky-like demonizing words that I can't think of right now (oh yes: 'Islamophobic' is another), but the leftists can at the drop of a hat.
     ("Extensive vetting' is just a euphemism for discrimination against Muslims," predictably says the ACLU's Anthony Romero.  Read my lips, Tony:

* Wanting states to clean up their voting procedures acts (strip their voter reg rolls of dead voters and duplicate/multiple voters) and for example require photo IDs, rather than being an example of voting integrity measures, is 'voter suppression'.   On which point:

1) from ‘Insider - California Voter Fraud System Guarantees Rampant Illegal Voting’ - Rick Wells - January 27/8
(Quoting Tim Donnelly, a former CA State Assemblyman who knows the scheme of the perps.  “He’s locked horns with them repeatedly over their successful attempt to install the mechanisms of abuse and fraud into the system.  His predictions, like the revelations of voter fraud by Mr.Trump, were dismissed as absurd, an overreaction and racism…
“The fact that California has been morphed into a ‘law-free’ and liberty-endangered zone by the Marxist Democrats makes it an ideal location for the implementation and testing of the methods by which to defeat the will of the people nationally and impose that of our enemies with a minimum of interference.
“In an article published in November at, Donnelly, a former Vice-Chairman of the California Elections & Redistricting Committee, describes how he knows from firsthand experience the extent of the fraud being deliberately perpetrated and the media conspiracy to ignore it.
“He wrote, ‘with law after law, the Democrats created a voting system that encourages fraud, and makes voter integrity and accountability impossible.’…”) 

They have it all logged down how California cheaters are cheating.
Someone needs to send this to Trump so he can investigate with their help.

Stan // January 28, 2017 at 2:48 pm // Reply (act. January 27 PST)
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Hallelujah – someone telling it like it is in my home state.

I refuse to vote here because to do so would be to be complicit in the commission of a crime. I repeat: To vote in California is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime. It needs to be cleaned out, tooth and nail. And since the state authorities won’t do the job – because they are behind this criminal situation – it is up to the federal government to come in here and make sure that a big broom is employed in the voting procedures. And I will gladly give a hand in the job. I have been disgusted with this situation long enough. With a sympathetic federal government now in place, it is time to act. Otherwise, my motto remains: CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS.


2) from ’NAACP Racism - Trump Investigating Voter Fraud To Prevent Blacks From Voting’ - Rick Wells - January 27/8
(Oh puhleeze.  The NAACP chief playing the race card…)

Stan // January 28, 2017 at 3:15 pm // Reply (act. January 27 PST)
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It’s time to end this ‘voter suppression’ crap once and for all.



3) from Judicial Watch's Weekly Update - January 27:

It’s Naive to Think Not One of the Millions of Aliens in the U.S. Is Voting
It’s now officially an issue: illegal aliens are voting. President Donald Trump has announced a major investigation into the charges and counter charges surrounding this phenomenon. At Judicial Watch, however, it’s nothing new. We’ve had our eye on this for years, and our Election Integrity Project  was active in monitoring polling places in the most recent election.
I was interviewed some time ago (when the issue was first raised around the November election) by Breitbart Daily News about illegal voting, and I want to share that with you. Here is a report at Breitbart on the interview:
On…Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton about a study from the Center for Immigration Studies that revealed that “there could be as many as 43 million non-citizens in the United States right now.” Fitton had previously spotlighted this study on Twitter as evidence of potential voter fraud issues.
“There’s 43 million people who are not citizens and are ineligible to vote, but a good percentage of them do register to vote. And of those that do, some vote,” Fitton explained.
“Most tend to vote Democrat. It’s a fact,” he continued. “There’s been a study out of Old Dominion University that shows it is enough of a vote to sway elections, one way or another. It may have resulted in election, specifically, of Al Franken to the United States Senate, and all the bad things politically or public policy-wise that happened as a result, like Obamacare and things like that.”
“Are we supposed to be so naive as to think that tens of millions of people are here, present in the United States, and none of them are illegally voting?” Fitton asked. “In states where you don’t have voter ID, in states where most voter registration, you’re not required to certify citizenship, other than signing and saying you’re a citizen?”
“It happens repeatedly where you have these voter registrations signed by aliens because they shouldn’t be voting, so they’re registered to vote – and the irony is, once they’re registered to vote, voter ID ain’t gonna protect you,” he noted, “because they have the ID necessary to vote, once they’re registered. So you have many non-citizens voting in elections, and they vote in large numbers in a way to sway elections.”
“The number of non-citizens in the United States are at record proportions – about as big as it’s been in 105 years, according, I think, to CIS, the Center for Immigration Studies,” he observed. “It is looking at U.S. Census data, and there’s just been this massive uptick, just even the last few years.”
“And it’s not just illegal aliens. We’re talking about aliens who are here legallywho are also voting illegally,  potentially,” he added. “That’s why we’re gonna be in Virginia, trying to monitor elections, because we know this is an issue. This is one of the issues that can lead to voter fraud and a stolen election.”
The Washington Times published a big story today following up on this issue and featuring JW:
But conservative activists say the liberal media are ignoring evidence — that noncitizen voting is illegal and, thus, fraud. They say the Justice Department in the Obama administration was more concerned with preventing states from cleansing rosters of dead and inactive voters than in mounting any investigation into fraud.
“Most voters are never asked for voter ID, so it is dishonest to suggest that with the tens of millions of illegal and legal aliens here, there is no voter fraud,” said Tom Fitton, who heads the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. “If the key Old Dominion study results on the 2008 election are applied to 2016 — 1.41 million aliens may have voted illegally, with 1.13 million voting for Democrats.”
“A federal voter fraud investigation is long overdue,” Mr. Fitton said. “It would be a simple matter of analyzing voter registration databases against federal databases of aliens and deceased individuals. Why is the left afraid to even ask the questions? The jig is up.”
President Trump is right.  A full-scale, non-partisan federal voter fraud investigation is long overdue.  I’m not aware of any systematic federal investigation of voter fraud – ever.  Initially, such an investigation would be a simple matter of analyzing voter registration databases against federal databases of aliens and deceased individuals.
Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity team, headed up by Robert Popper, former deputy chief of the Voting Section in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, would be more than happy to help.
In the meantime, you can sample our comprehensive efforts on election integrity here.


*The list goes on.  

Political differences is one thing.  Outright dishonesty is another.


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