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The Honor System of Life

In a recent blog I referred to the socialists/communists in being drawn to the concept of the likes of ’free education’ and ‘free health care’ as having touched “the hem of the garment of Truth” on the matter (although misunderstanding as they are the ramifications of the processes involved).  I would like to elaborate a little on this subject; since that general subject area is coming up for us in the very near future.  And to do so, I would first like to tell a little story, about the spiritual community that I was a member of for many years, before returning to the workaday world.

When I first went to the Findhorn Foundation (in the north of Scotland) to become a member of said community for however long my sojourn there would prove to be (for all I knew I was going to be a lifer; very unimpressed with life in the ‘real’ world as I was at the time.  This was circa 1975/6), I was immediately impressed with their honor system.  Money - in the form of change - was available everywhere, for the use of the members, and the/our guests as well, for that matter; as a training experience, in such matters, in how to live one’s life in a positive way, on a positive, very freeing, note.  A change box was at the photocopy machine in ’Pubs’ - the Publications Department, and in the Laundry Room, for the washing machines and dryers; and probably somewhere else, that I can’t think of right offhand, where the proper change was needed for the operation of the equipment.  And then, The Snake crept into our little Eden, in the form of our children (to say, more accurately, their jealousies, and even resentments).  Who didn’t have the same kinds of nice clothes that their schoolmates in the local schools did.1  And didn’t have the pocket money that they did.2  

I don’t know where the first sign of rot in our honor system was first noticed.  It could have come from any of the change boxes that were scattered around in the community environs, that started to mysteriously be devoid of many coins.  But I know that one source of the rot was at Reception.  Speaking for myself, I know that I noticed that some of our younguns seemed to enjoy covering shifts there, meeting the guests, etc. - and selling them, and us members, stamps.  Which involved a change box.  Which then got put away into a safe at the end of each shift with the rest of the Reception material, the stamps themselves, etc..  But all of which was not subjected to accountability.  Until we were forced to, by said circumstances.  Of our children having been found out to have been - gasp! - thieves.         

Was it too idealistic of us to think that our children could resist such temptations?  Quite possibly.  But we had to learn that fact of life the hard way.  What happened also as a consequence was that our Food Shed contents disappeared under lock and key - from us adults ourselves.  At the beginning, all of its contents were freely available, as needed, by the membership.  (It was mostly breakfast items; our other meals were provided communally.)  And things seemed to be working perfectly fine.  But perhaps having been occasioned by the discovery of the thievery of our youth, our Management team decided to put the Food Shed under lock and key as well, with its foodstuffs available on a (quite liberal) monitoring system, on a weekly budget basis.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I happened to walk by that shed the last day that its contents were going to be made freely available, and it was being stripped to the rafters of its contents.  By the membership.

By my brothers and sisters. 

Little had I realized then what still lurked in the hearts of even the membership of a spiritual community, when one lives under the specter - even the merest of whiffs - of scarcity.  The survival instinct kicking in, I suppose; overriding any theoretical concept of 'sharing'.

And so much for the likes of socialism/communism ever working, for very long.3  Until the matter is dealt with at its core.  Which is, to say,

in our hearts.

And if - when - we deal with it there,

all else will be added unto us.

In the form of advanced technology, which involves the exchange/'transmutation' of pure energy - the stuff of the very universe itself - into usable items.  Food.  Clothing.  Shelter.  You name it.  Because a) Everything is made up, at its core, of energy; and b) Humanity has developed mentally to the point where it has learned how to do such seemingly miraculous things.4

And all it takes, now, is for Humanity’s consciousness to make The New work systemically.

And we will be helped along that line with the fact of enough gold made available to back our money supply to the tune of millions of dollars’ worth of credit for each and every individual on the planet.

Until we develop - in consciousness - to the point where we can eliminate money - a/the unit of exchange - altogether.  And run our lifestyle - no longer an ‘economy’ - on this planet according to the style to which we will readily become accustomed.

As spiritual beings having a human experience.

And emphasizing the former category of being -  to say, part of our nature - over the latter.

By living our life on this planet as if there were a God.  And not as if there were not.  As we are doing, largely, at present.5   

Even in spiritual communities.

Nominally spiritual communities, at least.


1 a) Our own school, for our kids, and any Locals who wanted their children to have the holistic type of education available in a Steiner School, was still a few years in the offing.  
   b) Our clothes came from ‘The Boutique’: a small building where members and guests could leave clothing/shoes etc, and take whatever they needed or fancied.  It was a great success. Except for keeping it clean and tidy.  Another subject.  Though similar, in the nature of consciousness-raising.

2 We were not rich in monetary terms.  One paid a membership fee to join the community at the outset, and then, when one’s money ran out - in the form of savings, or help from home, or whatever - they could receive an ‘allowance,’ to cover the costs of their lives outwith the room and board covered  by the community for its members.  (At the beginning it was five pounds per week.  This was all before the place began to morph from a spiritual community with members into a workshop centre with employees.  But to continue.)  It was very much like a monastery or nunnery in that way.  
   (Certainly not in a celibate way.  Life was celebrated in almost all of its aspects in that community.  And which specific way of life there had its own train of consequences; with the members finding their ‘soul mates,’ and such shenanigans.  But to continue.)      

3 I remember reading a book about the former Soviet Union, which gave away the inconvenient fact that everybody was equal, except that some were more equal than others: There were secret, private warehouses, filled with all kinds of goodies, for the best members of the Communist Party.  The Insiders.  For the average New Soviet Man and Woman, there was scarcity.  But they accepted their lot.  For after all, they were all in the same boat.  Weren’t they??
    Weren’t they???…

4 As we apparently have done in the past here.  In past Ages.  All of which understanding and history we will begin to be exposed to.  As we wrap up the current Age, and enter the next one.
   One on a higher turn of the spiral.  To take us more fully out of the past on this planet.  And deposit us in a more far-reaching New.  And referring dimensionally - vibrationally - as well.  

5 'God is watching you' only in the sense that you are watching your - lower - self yourself; and, with the help of your guides on your Path, will work out an appropriate karmic response, to balance out the scales of Justice, built in to the 'system' - the very fabric - of life.
   Life having meaning and Purpose, beyond just in and for itself only.
   And which our science is beginning to wake up to; in such forms as realizing/comprehending/proving that 'mind' and 'brain' are not one and the same, as underscored by the likes of Near Death Experiences, wherein the person has - very clear - recall of things that were happening even when their brain was technically dead.  And memories surfacing for individuals of all ages, including young children, of past lives, in ways that prove that the person did not have prior knowledge of/read or hear of the material.  And so forth.
   Thus, Awakening taking place.  In Our Time.

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