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Back, Back In The USSR


The Op: Unelected Agents Now Infiltrating “Critical Infrastructures”

Massive collection of data
A covert op for the ages: Technocracy United
Technocracy: “control of society by a technical elite”
Note to readers: the people in charge of, yes, running the future are counting on a populace who can’t think beyond a few weeks or months. That’s their ace in the hole. The long-term future must always seem blurry and vague—and a waste of time to consider. Why? It’s obvious. The people in charge are always building the long-term future, brick by brick, and if very few citizens can grasp what it looks like, how can they object or resist or sound an alarm?
If you want to illegally take over an area, you need to invent an external threat justifying the takeover. We’ve been seeing exactly that recently, as Russia has suddenly been painted as a hostile force trying to destroy our “open democracy.”
Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security is now in charge of US elections, to “combat the Russian hackers.”
And it isn’t only elections.
In the release, last Friday, that gave control of US elections to the Department of Homeland Security (a naked coup), we also have this, from ABC News:
“A 2013 presidential directive identified 16 sectors as critical infrastructures, including energy, financial services, health care, transportation, food and agriculture and communications.”
“The designation announced Friday places responsibilities on the Homeland Security secretary to identify and prioritize those sectors, considering physical and cyber threats against them. The secretary is also required to conduct security checks and provide information about emerging and imminent threats.”
ABC got it wrong. The responsibilities (excluding elections) placed on the head of Homeland Security weren’t invented last Friday. They kicked off in 2013, and they represent a technocratic op to infiltrate and exert power over every aspect of American life.
The 2013 Policy Directive, issued by President Obama, was titled: “Critical Infrastructure Security and Review.” It enumerated no less than 16 areas of so-called US “critical infrastructure” where Homeland Security would muscle in:
Chemical; Commercial Facilities; Communications; Critical Manufacturing; Dams; Defense Industrial Base; Emergency Services; Energy; Final Services; Food and Agriculture; Government Facilities; Healthcare and Public Health; Information Technology; Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste; Transportation Systems; Water and Wastewater Systems.
These are the areas where the head of Homeland Security is expected to “manage risk and strengthen security.” HS will also, of course, take charge of integrating and monitoring ALL the data networks of these 16 sectors.
It sounds reasonable to the average person. But the true theme is control. Planning, control, execution. Move in on these areas and exert operational command from the top.
This IS, in fact, the technocratic blueprint for global management of a new system. We’re talking about the re-engineering of society.
Capturing the 16 areas (and their data) above was always the long-term aim, when the Department of Homeland Security was invented in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. If you recall, there was considerable grousing then about the word “Homeland,” because it emitted a strong whiff of Fascism.
If the goal is engineering a new society—and it is—all systems of data collection, communication, and surveillance must be gathered under one roof.
The social and political engineer (aka the technocrat) views every person (unit) as a biological machine that must be profiled six ways from Sunday, for the purpose of inserting him into an overall pattern. As Patrick Wood explains in his brilliant book,Technocracy Rising, “[technology] is being rapidly implemented…to exhaustively monitor, measure and control every facet of individual activity and every ampere of energy delivered and consumed in the life of such individual[s].”
In truth, the Dept. of Homeland Security is spearheading a movement to connect, cross reference, and integrate every major apparatus of data-collection in both the private and public sectors.
This is the ongoing op.
It is not partisan. It flies the banner of no political party. It pretends to protect the citizenry.
But, in fact, it is the major long-term threat to the citizenry.
It is planning a national and global civilization that does not ask for permission to exist.
No one is voting, because if a vote were required, and people were informed about what is really happening, they would overwhelmingly reject technocracy.
Which is why new enemies must be invented on a continuous basis—to justify the “proactive measures that will keep us safe.”
Homeland Security, with its 240,000 employees and its 24 agencies, is in the business of securing untold trillions of pieces of data for the forward march of Technocracy, Inc.
Suppose, instead of the political-speak we’ve been treated to, the White House and Homeland Security released the unvarnished truth? “Look, we need to collect, record, and store every possible datum on you and you and everyone. This isn’t about our so-called enemies, this is about us, your controllers. This is about the future we’re planning for you. Somewhere up the road, when we’re ready, when we think we can get away with it, we’re going to announce that the planet is in a terminal energy crisis and shortage. Therefore, every person will receive a card that records his use and consumption of energy, and when his quota runs out, he’ll be without energy until the next time period. Get it? This is where we’re headed…”
Again, as author Patrick Wood points out, when you encounter terms like sustainable economy, SmartGrid, green economy, Agenda 21, carbon taxes, cap and trade, and even Common Core (an indoctrination process for the young masked as education), you’re looking at technocracy-in-progress. In fact, you’re looking at declarations, in one form or another, about irreversible energy shortages that requite drastic solutions.
Since 2013, when Obama announced the 16 areas where Homeland Security has to exert its authority, a new phase in the authoritarian ascent to a mountaintop of control, framed as “scientific,” has been underway.
This is the long con, the long op.
The bosses are counting on the inability of citizens to grasp what is going on. The bosses are counting on the passivity of citizens when it comes to thinking about a future of more than a few weeks or months.
They are also counting on the “citizen energy quotas” I mentioned above sounding like nothing more than wild science fiction.
Well, travel back, for a moment to, say, the 1960s. If someone had told you then, “Your cell phones will be collecting data on you, and you’ll happily be profiling yourselves in great detail, for the government, on social media,” you would have said, “What mental institution did you escape from?”
What sounds like fiction becomes fact.
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So, add this to the reasons why TPTB are raising the 'Russian influence' bogeyman.  (To 1) distract from the contents of the supposed hacked material, like a magician getting the audience to look at the other hand; 2) demonize the (uncontrolled) alt. media, and (attempt to) take it down, as an 'arm' of Russian 'Disinformation and Propaganda;' and 3) take over our elections, and put them under federal control, along the lines of the above article...)
As I have said: These are perilous times.
Be Prepared. 
And speaking of centralized control, and its ramifications:   
from ‘From Beyond the Grave, Carrie Fisher Warns Us About the REAL Evil Empire’ - Dave Hodges - January 9/10
(Reportedly her urn was in the shape of an SSRI pill, to which medication she had become addicted in life.)

Stan January 11, 2017 at 1:16 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

Depression is a symptom. Not a disease. It has various causes in their list of symptoms. Much of it has to do with our faulty nutrition, which has to do with the precursors to the so-called ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, serotonin, not being present or not in sufficient amounts.

A person would be far better off seeing a naturopath, or ‘complementary medicine’ practitioner, than allopathic doctors, who know only what they are taught in their medical schools. And they are taught drug-based medicine. Not holistic medicine. Or medicine as recommended by the Father of their profession, Hippocrates, who is reported to have said: “Let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine.”

He is also reported to have advised: “First, do no harm.” ‘Nuff said.

Along this line, I just saw that Dr. Russell L. Blaylock - a good man; M.D. and retired neurosurgeon, with a decidedly open mind about health matters - has written a new book (like a medical bible), titled ‘Prescriptions for Natural Health,’ wherein he lays out 70 medical conditions and gives easy-to-read natural ‘prescriptions’/remedies for the most common medical conditions.  Not drugs, with their abominable side effects (that cause more drug-taking to deal with, in the allopathic model of ‘medicine’).

He is the medical editor of Newsmax’s monthly Blaylock Wellness Report.  Get on over there and check out the deal going on now, regarding his book and subscription to his monthly report. 

A good comment/concise summary of ‘the case’:

Constitutional Emergency
Yesterday, 7:27 AM (January 10)

Shavager replied to Harry Riley's discussion "LET ME REPEAT, "OBAMA, THE MOST SINISTER, EVIL ENEMY AMERICA HAS EVER DEFEATED...."" on Constitutional Emergency

And despite how media portrays "McCarthyism", HE WAS RIGHT!  On Thursday, Jan 10, 1963, the honorable House Rep. from Florida, A. S. Herlong read "The Communist Takeover of America--45 Declared Goals" into the Congressional Record, Vol 109, 88th Congress. Included in those goals are: 'promote UN as 'only' hope for mankind; eliminate ALL loyalty oaths; use 'technical decisions' via CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS to weaken basic American institutions; eliminate ALL LAWS for morality to break down families and communities and PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY; discredit the Bible; ELIMINATE prayer in schools (ON June 17, 1963, the United States SUPREME COURT ruled Biblical readings and PRAYER on school grounds UNCONSTITUTIONAL);  promote pornography in ALL the arts,  encourage promiscuity and easy divorce; CONTROL THE MEDIA, including newspapers, TV, radio, Hollywood, etc...; TAKEOVER EDUCATION; TAKEOVER ONE POLITICAL PARTY--and they CONTROL the DemocRAT party, top to bottom; DISCREDIT OUR FOUNDERS, OUR CONSTITUTION and our NATION's culture, our laws, our basic freedoms. ANYBODY with any measure of Common Sense can see--they have nearly accomplished EVERY goal of the 45 and instituted the TEN Planks of Communist Manifesto: "Abolish private property; HEAVY PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAXES; abolish RIGHTS of inheritance (through DEATH taxes); confiscate property of CITIZENS who resist or rebel; centralize credit and DEBT in hands of an exclusive MONOPOLY--the Federal Reserve; Control COMMUNICATION and TRANSPORTATION in hands of GOVT control; takeover of LAND as an operation of GOVT; eliminate towns/communities/neighborhoods through GOVT planning agencies (HUD); INDOCTRINATE CHILDREN VIA GOVT CONTROLLED SCHOOLS.  These are the TEN planks Karl Marx promotes in his 'Communist Manifesto' to destroy a FREE enterprise system and replace it with OMNIPOTENT GOVT POWER!


And as others have pointed out: this is not exclusively (or even mainly) a Marxist/communist thing that is going on.  

Power is as power does.  

Here's my take on the matter.  FWIW.

‘May it please the court:

‘Here is the file of evidence as to the original intent of the constitutional Framers in applying the particular eligibility requirement for the occupant of the presidency to be a, quote, ’natural born citizen,’ unquote.  I have - ‘

‘What does the case law say about the matter.’

‘Pardon me?  - your Honor?’

‘The case law.  What does it have to say about the matter.’

‘But we are talking about the Constitution.’

‘Doesn’t matter.  The case law is the law of the land.  Where have you been, Counselor?’

Must have been asleep.  As the wolves have attempted to pull the wool over our eyes. 

Doesn’t matter.

Their day is done. 

For Thy will to be done.  On earth.  As it is in heaven.


And that's where all this - all, of this - is headed.


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