Sunday, 8 January 2017

Make No Mistake

1) from ‘Special Ops Sent to Russian Border - Can WW III Be Far Behind?’ - Dave Hodges  January 7/8
(Hodges is still worried about Russian troops sweeping down here from Alaska through Canada and cutting the U.S. in two.  He needs to be more worried about The Enemy Within.)

Stan January 8, 2017 at 11:25 pm
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For the record: Putin did NOT “roll the tanks into Crimea and seize it”. The Crimean citizens voted overwhelmingly – over 80%, as I recall – to join into federation with Russia, for protection against the CIA-led coup planners.

But indeed, the CIA was behind the coup in Ukraine that took that country over. Thus threatening Russia on her doorstep. Leading to the eastern part of Ukraine – mainly Russian-speaking – to rebel against the CIA coup and fight for their liberty. Any liberty-loving person would have done the same.

We need to get the Usurper out of his position of such power as soon as possible, before he instigates any more damage. He and his powerful backers behind the scenes; the deep state that wants war, in order to hold onto their power. That’s who the real enemy is here. Not Putin.


2) Do we really have anything to worry about from the Russian Bear?   If we keep poking it, we most certainly do.

     Are Russia, and China, totally innocent?  No.  But most of it has to do with the monetary system that the world has been laboring under for so long - and long enough.  Russia and China were totally within their rights and reason to want out of it - out of the fiat-money, interest-bearing system run by the Khazarian Mafia.   That's why I don't fear them - especially not Russia - as much as others do, who are students of the global political scene.   Yes, we need to be wary of them and their intentions.  (They are led by mistaken-prone humans, after all.)    But basically, they don't want war with us.  They want to trade with us.  But on a more even keel.

My  bottom-line word to all and sundry:

Love Truth above all else.  And everything will fall into place from there.  For you personally.  And us collectively.


NYT calls for sabotage of alternative media... following Soviet-era KGB subversion plan... see stunning video
Mike Adams
I hope you all realize we are on the verge of an attempted leftist-communist uprising / revolution / coup attempt in America.
The next two weeks may be the most dangerous in the history of America since the Civil War.
Yesterday, the New York Times openly called for economic sabotageagainst independent media. It's perfectly following a Soviet-era KGB subversion plan for a Marxist/Communist takeover of the nation... something the radical left is desperately attempting to pull off before Inauguration Day.

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