Wednesday, 25 January 2017

On Dealing With Your Enemy

A friend sent me a link to an amusing spoof on Dutch TV about Trump.  Well, at least, amusing to an extent.  As I commented on in a reply:

1) Who could have known that the Dutch had such a good sense of humor?  It's almost as good as ours.  But of course, ours is the best.  In fact, it's yuge.  GetFileAttachment.png

2.  To shift gears: There is something here that really angers me.  It's called, overall, 'Mud Sticks'.  Example: the 'fact' that Trump 'mocked a disabled reporter'.  He.  Did.  Not.  It has been proven - but apparently only in the alt. media; that is to say, the real news - that Trump waves his hands like that generically, to describe someone who is flustered about something - and in fact, did it later in the very same talk in describing someone else as well; and has done it many other times in his talks.  It's just the way he speaks, a mannerism of his.  And he has confirmed (tweeted; his preferred way of communicating, rather than through the corrupt MSM) that he wasn't 'mocking' that reporter.  Quote, and very believable: "I wouldn't do that."  (He is basically a good man.)  And he may not even have known that the man in question had a disability.  As to that: the man's disability is not of that nature anyway (spastic jerking).  He just has a bent wrist.  But the MSM just can't resist painting Trump in the worst light possible every chance that they get.  Because they are in the tank for Hillary, and the Democrats; to say, actually, for the New World Order crowd, who are angry that their great quarry, the U.S., has eluded them, just when they thought they had landed her, and were well on their way to their totalitarian future, of total, surveillance-state control over the world.  And this untruth has now traveled around the world, and been embedded in the consciousnesses of peoples everywhere: that Trump mocks disabled people, and so what a disgusting piece of work he is.  It is extremely deceitful, disgusting stuff.  
     And as conveyed by the public-figure likes of Meryl Streep, in her repeating of this canard to a national TV audience on a major occasion.  She may be excused if she had only known about it via the MSM, and who don't seem to have corrected their 'error'.  But she is not excused if she has found out that it was not a fact, and hasn't issued a correction of her broadcasting of it.  And of course, the real culprits in this are the MSM themselves, for not checking their 'fact' out originally, and especially if they have indeed not issued retractions.  But of course they wouldn't, would they.  Or if any of them has, it has only been a small correction somewhere, that the public hasn't noticed.  For, the whole point of slinging mud in the first place is to have it stick.  If you are in the business of propaganda.  Not news.  
     And the same with the 'news' - i.e., fake news - that 'Trump removed the bust of MLK from the White House'.  He.  Did    Not.  All that the W.H. Press pool reporter who 'reported' that needed to have done, when he thought that he didn't see it in its normal place anymore (someone was standing in front of it), was to have asked any of the Trump staff about the matter, to check out his assumption.  But of course, that wouldn't have been what he was on about; to say, the fact of the matter.  What he was on about was to sling some more mud at Trump.  And most probably, thereby, get the kudos of his fellow enemies of the truth in the MSM.  Have a good laugh about it over drinks afterwards.  As the falsehood spreads its way in the country - exacerbating racial tensions; as these s.o.b's try to create a race war in the country, to further their desired end - and around the world, and even into the likes of a TV spoof from Holland.  Even if he/his employer has issued a retraction.  That isn't what makes its way around the world.  What makes its way around the world, and into the consciousnesses of peoples everywhere, is the mud.  As these s.ob.'s well know.  Because they are prostitutes.  Not reporters.  (The term 'presstitutes' is a good/apt one.)
     It's all of a par with the canard abut the 'Russian influence on our elections'.  Never mind the info that came out of the leak of the DNC emails (not 'hack; as has also been carried on the alt. media).  Forget about the incriminating info in the material, of the collusion between the DNC and the Hillary campaign in stealing the primaries from Bernie, for TPTB's anointed nominee (which certainly had a major 'influence on the elections').  Forget about the appalling info in the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner site, not only about Hillary's official SoS material having been made available to any hacker who was checking out her private unsecured email server's material, but the John Podesta material, subsequently known as PizzaGate.  Blame the Russians.  Point the finger at the Russians.  Get the public to look at the hand that you want them to - Here!  Over here! - not the other hand.  And, by the same sleight of hand, attempt to take down your competition - the alt. media; the real news, not the 'proper,' 'official' news - by passing a law (by bipartisan support, it turns out; via our bribed and blackmailed politicians) that makes the dissemination of Russian 'Propaganda and Disinformation' illegal in this country.  The takedown of the alt. media being the next step to be entered into.  If it just weren't for that spoiler of their best-laid plans, Donald Trump.  Who must be taken down.  At all costs.  Including to the truth of things.  After all, the end justifies the means.  Any and all means.  For, this is war...
     And then there is the outrageous business of CNN and others of the MSM posting a photo of the Trump inauguration crowd just minutes after the space had opened up - ab 8:05am, as I recall, from the alt. media-reported news on the matter - alongside a photo of the complete Obama '09 crowd, as if they were equal comparisons.  When the complete-time photo of the Trump crowd shows in fact an extremely large one.  And when Trump's Press Secretary tried to make the point verbally, the MSM guys have reported it as 'fake news'.  Possibly because they truly believe the false posting that they have seen to be the real deal.  Without checking into the matter from the alt. media, who have the real story...
     As you can tell, I am not a happy camper these days.
     But this, too, shall pass.


Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 12:43 PM
Subject: Dutch Satire on Trump

This is absolutely clever......The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words.

Dutch news satire show Zondag met Lubach is endeavoring to win the approval of U.S. President Donald Trump, with a spoof video that asks the new president, if the ...

(Note: Another ‘Mud Sticks’ calumny spread by these miscreants in their circles, of the (mainstream) media and academia: that Thomas Jefferson was “a serial rapist”.  There is no evidence that T.J. even ever had sexual relations with that woman, Sally Hemings, let alone fathered any of her children.  (There is a likely possibility that his younger brother, Randolph - a widower, and who was known to interact socially (play the fiddle and dance into the night) with the slaves at Monticello when visiting there - could have been involved in at least some of such liaisons.  See ‘The Jefferson Lies’ by David Barton.)  But our erstwhile masters want to demean the Founding Fathers as much as possible, in order to weaken the American public’s loyalty to the U.S., as part of the agenda to take down this country as an entity, and merge it into a region of TPTB’s New World Order.  
     Nothing is beyond people who have a lust for power.  And revenge.  And whatever all is motivating these miscreants.  Some of whom are just ‘playing the part,’ in the Drama that is going on, and has been going on since the beginning.  But some of whom are truly evil.  That is to say: have completely rejected the Light, in favor of the Dark. 
     They will get what is coming to them.  And very Dark it will be.  Can you say, annihilation???)

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