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The Play's The Thing

from ‘Just Another Streep Walker- The Communist Left Lives In Hollywood’ - Dave Hodges - January 10/11

Stan January 12, 2017 at 1:56 am
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Just for the record, Dave, if the subject of Meryl Streep’s rant comes up again: She repeated, to a national viewing audience, the canard that Trump had “mocked a disabled reporter,” when it has been proven, via video replays at least on conservative sites, that he did not; was not mocking the man’s disability, and most probably did not even know about it. (He was just waving his hands in a mock-flustered way, like he does, has done before, in other situations, in talking about someone who is trying to cover up something.) But the MSM and Hollywood like a good smear against their mutual enemies, and have failed to right this egregious wrong against Trump, and need to be made to apologize for it.

Mud sticks. That’s what the globalists and their useful idiots are trying to get away with regarding this beat-up. They should not be allowed to do so, should be called on their outrageous action.

And on another subject on the same smear front:

A friend sent me a link to a video of a press conference held yesterday wherein Trump calls out a reporter from CNN as being not worthy of asking him a question for CNN’s being a purveyor of “fake news,” for, among other reasons, repeating the just-released ‘story’ designed to give juice to the ‘Russian influence’ meme by attempting to portray Trump as being blackmailed by the Russians for some sexual shenanigans he is supposed to have gotten up to with some Russian prostitutes in the past.  With no proof of the allegation, by the way.  The same as no proof of the alleged ‘Russian hacking’ of the DNC emails.  (Which was, in tact, a ‘leak’ by a disgruntled insider, supporter of Bernie Sanders, who was upset at the DNC’s collusion with the Clinton camp to throw the Dem primaries to Hillary.)  It is the latest attempt to try to ‘get Trump,’ try to make his pending inauguration a fraudulent thing, thus setting the stage for more rioting in the nation - paid for by the likes of Soros, of course - and possible overturn of the outcome, and throwing the ball to Obama for a late-entry declaration of martial law, to restore order, and oh-so-incidentally eliminate the Constitution.  My response to my friend:

“As The Powers That Be come closer to becoming The Powers That Were, it will be interesting to see what they come up with to (attempt to) show Trump who's boss.  I hope that he is allowed to show them who's boss: the American people.

“If they will rise to the occasion, and see this thing through to its proper conclusion.  To say: its highest potential.  Although we are talking about quantum physics here - and the wild card of free will - and anything is possible.”

We do live in interesting times.

In summary.

The NWO crowd are up against a superior force.  And they sense it, if not know it outright.  The superior force being Love.  And they realize that that force is not going to buy into their attempts to elicit a ‘bad’ response from It, get It to get down in the dirt with them, and thus be an equal with them, in the battle, between Good and Evil, the Light and the Dark, going on.

And so it’s Check, and Checkmate, for them.  And they are pissed.

And it’s liable to be some time before they, or many of them, at least, are ready to come over to the Light.  Which they are being given every opportunity to do, regardless of their wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Because it’s Game Over for them.

This, then, is a biggie.

It has been a long time coming.  And most ‘recently’ got heated up in the ’80s when Reagan rode into town on his white horse from Out West and stifled the plot just when it was about to take off big time, with the advent of ‘New World Order’ globalist George H.W. Bush (or whatever his real surname is; a story in itself).  So the NWO perps had to bide their time some more; but obviously ‘swore’ not to let ‘it’ get away from them again, with the potential advent of another cowboy from Middle America trying to head them off at the pass of their agenda.  But then it happened again - in the form of a cowboy from - of all ironic places: New Yawk (one of their main bastions of power and influence, especially in the media).  And they are fit to be tied, and out for blood this time.  That’s why they are not letting up, in The Donald’s totally surprising - to them - victory at the polls.  (Having thought they had that rigged well enough.)  And will attempt to smear him from stem to stern, to mix up my metaphors a bit, for some comedy relief; needing all the smiles that we can get, these dark days.  But not to detract unduly from the seriousness of the matter: which leans towards The Final Solution now, for them, to say, from them: Trump’s assassination.  

Because it’s now or never for them.  And they know it.  Facing a total unraveling of all that they have been working for, for generations, under Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ rhetoric, and unnervingly possible intent.  

As I say: a biggie. 

And bigger than even they are taking it as.  

You know what I think?  I think this all goes back to ancient Egypt, and the battle between the Arians (Aryans??) and the Taureans.  The Egyptian priests had been operating under the astrotheological concept of the duly-revered meaning of the constellation of Taurus rising with (as the cosmic background to) the Sun at the spring equinox, and thus associated with the annual flooding of the Nile and the return of life (and thus the  reverence toward The Bull/cattle, that carried into many cultures); and then lo and behold, after some 2,000 years (actually in this case 2650 years; more than precessional normal, because Taurus is a big constellation) it gave way to Aries - The Ram, and some Egyptian kings took that as a sign to shift deference and allegiance to that ‘sign’ from the Unknown (and even forsook the old gods and grasped the concept of the One God behind the whole shebang), and thus was born a competing ideology/theology, favoring the Ram/sheep, and - presto - the Shepherd Kings, of Lower (meaning northern) Egypt.  Aka the Hyksos.  Aka the Israelites.

See, the Jews feel that they are ’of the blood’ - to rule.  Born to rule.  The Chosen Ones.  Or what is left of them.*  And they have been ’born’ into nation after nation over the years, to ‘stir the pot,’ be grist for the mill: to create drama, by which people have a chance to develop themselves, work out aspects of their character; ultimately, to progress on their individual, and collective, spiritual paths, as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’.  They are, then, God’s Chosen, indeed.  Just not necessarily the Khazarians amongst them, who are Jewish by virtue of their ancestors having been converted to Judaism by their king in Khazaria in Middle Europe many centuries ago.   

And just not the way that they have taken it.  

Taking it to rule, as they have.  The rightful rulers over 

the cattle.  

As they call, and think of, the goyim. 


1) We need to cut the Jews some slack.  They know not precisely what they do.  But

2) They need to be called on their act.  And not be allowed to rule.  Because it is all

an act.  An Act

of God.  

To ’catch our consciences’. 

And The Play is over, now.  Time for

The Real Thing.  

Because the Players - us; over and over again; now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female (or something, some stage on the spectrum, in between); now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another - have brought The Play to its Conclusion, for having brought it, now, to

the global level.   

And we now embark on the conscious awareness of who we are, what we are doing, and who we are doing it with.  

The classic ‘Who Am I?  And Why Am I Here?’ age-old questions. 

Now to be revealed. 

As though for the first time.


* And they are not even 'of the (royal) blood' anyway, strictly speaking.  Only the descendants of Joseph and Benjamin, of the twelve sons/tribes of Jacob, are.  Having been the sons of Jacob-cum-Israel through his Chief Wife, Rachel.
   See Ralph Ellis's 'Jesus - Last of the Pharaohs' in this whole regard.
   (Not that Ellis is right on everything that he writes, and researches.  For one main thing, he has attempted to understand a confusing matter regarding the chronological timeline of the historical record in relation to the biblical record, and has done his best.  But I think that Velikovsky is closer to the mark in that regard ('Ages In Chaos').
   And as for Moses, I think that D.M. Murdock has quite a lot of good research to say in that regard.
   But to continue.)

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