Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Times They Are A'Changing

I would be 
More than happy
             to defer 
         to anybody
Who is more devoted to
The Truth of things
Than me.
              And the Truth is
There isn’t.  So I will
Take over now
 And call an end to
        The Play
   and the beginning
        the Real Thing.

        The Donald
Can set this nation to rights
And I will go and do the same
                to, and for,
          the world
                  and see 
    that flag unfurled
    in the same way
         as well.  

There are some grave dangers for us to face, as a nation.  The man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama Jr., and who has come on to us with such a friendly demeanor, has quietly a) put this country in an impossible financial position; b) drawn down our military strength; and c) flooded this country with foreign troops, both ‘announced’ as such (for ‘training’ purposes; ostensibly) and surreptitiously, as ‘refugees,’ and illegal aliens, and the jihadists who crept with them over our borders; and, because of that friendly, easy-going, laid-back demeanor - and the fear of being called a 'racist' (one of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals' demonizing words, to paralyze your enemy with) - has gotten away with it.

No.  Longer.  For, this has all been part of a Plan.  A Plan of conquest.  Fabian style.  From within.

By, in actuality, as ruthless a bunch of people - and other such entities - as humanity could ever hope to encounter.

And thus, the greater the victory.

Over them.

And that part in us that resonates with their energy. 

I would like to apologize to my readers.  I have talked in the past in these pages about statists, and collectives, often in the way that G. Edward Griffin does, i.e., in a generally defined ‘socialist’ sort of way.  But that is misleading, the more that I find out about what all has been going on in this country.

Case in point.  Bob Unruh of World Net Daily, has just shared the story about a mother in Ohio who has been tried and convicted for homeschooling her child.  

For what?!, I hear you say, with some sense of exclamation.  Indeed.  I will repeat:

For homeschooling her child.  (And even in the face of being praised by a state official for her success, as evidenced by her son’s high academic achievement;.  But being convicted on trumped-up, chicken-shit charges (‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor,’ for arrogant example), in order to deter other mothers from following suit and homeschooling their children, and thus taking them out of the reach and control of Big Brother, alias the state.)  

So, my mea culpa; and my declaration, of war:

I will no longer refer to these s.o.b.’s who are attempting to control us to within an inch of our lives as (merely) a) statists or b) collectivists.

They are totalitarians.

Got that, everybody?


And if you don’t know what that means:

You will soon.  If you don’t wake up. And help put these s.o.b.’s to rout.  Starting in your own communities.

It’s of a par with the efforts going on, in so many states, to make vaccinations mandatory - and even for adults.  And with so much else going on in our society these days, of a totalitarian nature; the attempts to keep guns and/or ammo out of the hands of the citizenry, and so forth.  

In sum.  This war on homeschooling by the state is not about academic performance.  It is about control, of the state over the citizenry, and their being subjected to brainwashing thereby.  Pure and simple.

And I won’t have it.

At least, not until The People can trust the state.  

Which won’t be until kingdom come.

Which, actually, isn’t that far off, now.

Now that its reverse-image opposite has become so threatening that the Big Breakthrough is being indisputably invoked out of latency, just in time to take over.

* To clarify: Not all of this sort of crap is due to the totalitarians.  Some of it is due to the dual financial facts that a) the schools get federal monies for their enrollment numbers, and so often don’t want to lose those kids to homeschooling for that reason alone; and b) judges are invested in jail sentencing, since it is now a business - and even traded on the stock market - and the judges get kickbacks for every person they sentence to a jail term.  So it’s not just the totalitarians that are involved in this sort of scamming.  It is the spirit of capitalism, and free enterprise, run amok.
   We are, then, being had by both the Left AND the Right.  But mostly by the totalitarians.
   Not that the Right doesn’t have its totalitarians, in the form of a corporate-government complex, i.e., fascism.  But this schooling ‘business’ - indoctrination - is mostly a scam from the Left.
   Right now, at least.  Not to say that the fascists wouldn’t mind having their way in that area, either
   Any doubts that it isn’t time to leave ALL this sort of crap - this game-playing - behind??? 


The Clean-Up Process

A friend sent me a link to an article about Trump talking some years ago about his concerns over the cocktail of vaccines given to our kids, specifically to the subject of autism.  My response:

‘’Yes, it is a very good sign that Trump is aware that we have been lied to by the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex for YEARS about these things - and that he put Robert Kennedy Jr., who is hip on all this, into a position in his administration to be able to do something about it.  

‘I started reading about the fallaciousness and manifold dangers of vaccines many years ago, while I was living Down Under in the '90s, and got so appalled at what I was finding out that I ended up reading ab. a dozen books on the subject.  He is indeed correct about how they can cause autism - and a whole host of other disease and ailment conditions (including what is called SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; aka SUID, for Sudden Unexplained Infant Death).  All covered up by the m-p-g complex, for a number of reasons, and the money is only part of the sordid story.  It also has to do with 'marking' us [as in chipping us], and also making us susceptible to illness and even death deliberately.  It is no accident that TPTB are pushing for everybody to 'get their flu shots' every year; they are a cover for sordid activity [even beyond their load of mercury].  Not to go into all the details here.  Just to thank you for this forward, and concur with the concerns about this so-called wondrous medical modality.

‘A good site to check out is The Age of Autism.’  

This friend also sent me a link to a site reporting on demonstrations all over the world on Trump’s Inauguration Day.  My response:

‘The New World Order Gang has oodles of money to spread around, to try to keep the ball rolling in their direction.  (This is why TPTB have resisted letting the likes of Ron and Rand Paul get away with forcing an audit of The Fed; that body has been allowed to print up all the money it wants, off the books, for its various nefarious dealings.)  This is what the flooding of Europe with Muslims - and mostly of military age at that - has been all about: to break down those countries as identifiable entities, with an identifiable culture and values, and move them into our erstwhile masters's NWO that way.  The man in the UN who has been behind all this 'refugee' movement around the world is one of their key players.  It's a disgusting agenda, particularly in playing with people's lives this way - like mere pawns in The Game - and it needs to be stopped.  Good for Europe to start putting the brakes on this crap.

‘Real refugees should be housed in UN camps in neighboring countries until things settle down in their home countries, and then for them to return there.  Not to be used cynically as cannon fodder for The Revolution.’


Another aspect of the massive demonizing of Trump, in another response to this friend regarding another link forwarded to me:

'The media' is in the tank for the likes of Hillary, who is Illuminati to the core.  (Who said/spoke to a group of Brazilian bankers that personally she would like to see no borders in the Americas.  That must have been worth a pretty penny to her Clinton Foundation private slush fund, for her and business partner Bill.  As to that point: For personal matters, she apparently prefers females.  And unfortunately, 'the word' - from leaked emails - is that she is not above a lowering of that liking to pedophilia age.  She is also reported to have engaged in satanic rituals, which involve, among other atrocities, the drinking of children's blood.  For [purportedly] its 'curative' powers, in keeping one young, and all that sordid sort of thing.  But who knows for certain.  Yet.)   Our MSM these days is owned by no more than 6 major 'families,' whereas some years ago there was a true competition, and thus a 'market' of various perspectives, in the country.  Dangerous stuff, especially for a democracy, which relies on education - not indoctrination - of the people in order to be able to function properly. 

'Yes, The Donald seems a very 'genuine' guy.  He needs to be given a chance to prove himself.  Not all this crazy stuff going on, by people many of whom obviously don't understand that they are being used, by a very powerful group of people behind the scenes, who do NOT have the bulk of humanity's best interests in mind.  Only their powerful own…

‘A New Day in America indeed.  Shades of 'It's Morning Again in America,' the R Reagan catch phrase.  Who Trump is somewhat of a spitting image of, in terms of type of political activity going on.  Which the Left is extremely angry about.  So close to their goal were they this time, of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America". The agenda of Barry Soetoro.  Whose illegal 'legacy' still needs to be rolled back, in toto.  And still will be, if there is Justice in the universe.  Which there is. 

‘But that's another subject.’


And speaking of Barry Soetoro, and that subject; and to begin to round off this rumination:

from ‘Obama Nat’l Community Organizing Foundation Launch - Not Going Away’ - Rick Wells - January 21/22

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

'At some point, we need to face an inconvenient fact. Either we live by Truth. Or we will die by suicide.

'The former Usurper needs to be arrested and held for trial – on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason. And his ‘legacy’ – all of the legislation that he (illegally) signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’s – and pardons – that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made – including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts – go with him, into the trash bin. And that’s just for starters.

'Since it is obvious that both major political parties colluded in his illegal candidacy for and occupancy of the presidential office, they both need to he brought into (a legitimate, Common Law) court, on RICO-statute charges, tried and found guilty, for being the criminal enterprises that they have proved to be, fined, dissolved, and their authorities jailed. And we get back to the rule of law in this country.

'I am hoping that President Trump proves to be the man for the job. He appears to be; and needs to be given that chance, especially given some considerable backing by The People – the righteous citizenry of this nation.

'All others need not apply.'

I am saying, in all this - in all its aspects - that we need to live by Truth.  Or we are dead in the water, and rudderless.  The victim of our own undoing.  But we don’t have to be.  And we are being given support, to ‘make the grade’ - to resonate with a higher degree of Light than we have embodied heretofore.

I urge as many as possible to make this grade.  Pass this test.

It is, after all, a gift, this AscensIon business. 

Don’t turn it down.


To your still, small voice within.

And then, go, thou.

And do.


it is time to.

And it is what you chose to incarnate at this time for.  If truth - and Truth - be known.

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