Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Question Answered

The Question Answered

Now let’s see:
Racist, sexist, homophobic, 
                               - ah,
               the really big 
      magic smear word:
You’ve given yourself
             Thank you.
             You’ve made
             my day.
         of the stranger,’
        actually means
               of country’
                 just said
In a pejorative way
 By charlatans.
       Precisely like
A New World Order
Another fancy word.
This one meaning
In its usage:
        a totalitarian
            to flood
         with peoples 
         from other
    to break theirs
And their countries
       with them,
        in order
   to take over
      the question


            will be
  Just a little
     the worse
     for wear
     is all.
    But that’s all
    It needed
       to be.
    In order
    for there
    to be 
Of a fundamental

Coming through
As we speak
            of it.


P.S. This business of the NWO crowd trying to get cultures and nations to be broken down and all peoples thereby be subsumed into one entity, the subjects of their Master Class, I am reminded of the letter I got earlier this year from the Director of Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Father George Winzenburg, S.J.. (One of the good Jesuits; who are betrayed in their good works by their superiors in that Order, part of the larger New World Order.)  It was on the occasion of the Graduation of the 2016 Class; and in it he shared a touching aspect of that accomplishment for those students:

"In only a few days the senior class and their families will gather for the feather tying ceremony.  The young men will receive an eagle feather and the young women an eagle plume.  For the first time ever, following the feather tying ceremony, each of the graduates will be inducted into the Thokhala - Kit Fox Society.  Stemming from the ancient warrior societies, they will join one of the most honored groups.  They will be charged as lifelong members to take responsibility to make their society better.  They will pledge to stand up for their people, to act as protectors and to give aid when they see someone struggling."  And then he quoted from some source:

      A Thokhala acknowledges that life on earth is but a brief time.  
  Therefore, a Thokhala must strive to live each day to its fullest. 
  A Thokhala must meet life challenges whole heartedly.
   A Thokhala must overcome oneself to take on life's responsibility.
   A Thokhala makes a pledge to accept the sash
      to stake oneself down and make a stand for one's life
      and for the life of one's people.  

Now, that's a pledge worth standing for.

And so much for the hypocritical charge of 'xenophobia,' leveled by people who just want to rule over others, is all.   When The Answer is not Power Over (Others).  But Power With.  And Within.  As the spiritual beings having a human experience that we are.  

And about to experience a game changer.

'Stan' Stanfield
Planetary Citizen in general,
American in particular.

P.P.S. I am fully aware that there is a history, in this country and others, of native peoples being sorely done to by their religious overseers.  
     I am also aware that things can change.
     The passage of time has a way of dong that.  As we learn our lessons along
     The Way.

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