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On The Inauguration In Fact

from ‘President Trump Pledges Allegiance To All Americans, Return Govt To The People’ - Rick Wells - January 20/21

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  • Well said, Mr. President. Now let’s get to work. setting things to rights. Starting with this country.

An overseas friend sent me a link to Trump’s inaugural speech, under the title ’Stirring Stuff From the Donald’.  My response:

‘What did I think?  Vintage Trump.  Take no prisoners.  Stirring stuff indeed.  The Left is not full of happy campers right now.  But to and for them, this is about war, not politics.  And since they still command some high places, like the MSM, they are still a force to be reckoned with.  And Obama has placed an army within the borders, ready and waiting for their call to arms.  Fortunately, The Donald is big enough for the job at hand.  Soros & Co. just don't understand what all they are up against.  They've had it their way for far too long.  A rebalancing is coming through.  And hopefully, leading to a higher level of The Process [i.e., rather than just action-reaction].

‘But then, what do I know.  Anyway: A good start, to the next, and culminating, stage of The Play.’

As  for this 'army' of Obama's and TPTB's: a latest report is that Russian soldiers in Colorado have been testing the concrete of bridges in that area (by shooting off pieces of it).  For one or the other or both purposes: 1) for knowing how much of a charge it will take to take them down, and 2) for knowing how much of a weight they can take, to move heavy military equipment over them. 

Americans just don't grok these things, never having had their homeland been subjected to war.  (Except a long, long time ago.  An event that many of them have not been properly taught about anyway, in their ideologically-infested schooling.)  

They need to wake up.  And fast.

This thing isn't over yet.  Not by a long shot.  

As it were.

P.S. In looking at the sea of faces of the throng that showed up to witness Trump's Inauguration, I was reminded of two things.  One was the recent report that Hillary had gotten a huge percentage of her votes from a category of citizens who only got their information from the MSM; no access to or interest in the alt. media.  (And many of whom I would presume have been wondering just who were all these people that voted for Trump.  Could there be that many racists/sexists/homophobes/xenophobes in America??  And in that crowd that turned out for his inauguration, in inclement weather???)  And the other was the true story that came out of the pre-collapse period of the Soviet Union, when, during a thaw in relations between the U.S. and the USSR - it must have been under Khrushchev - some 'people exchanges' were organized, of their citizens coming over here for a visit and vice versa, and during one of their tours of life in the U.S., a group of Soviet citizens were taken to a car factory in Detroit.  Waiting high up in the office building for their tour of the facilities, one of them looked out the window, onto the sea of cars in the parking lot, and remarked to their tour guide, "I assume that those cars belong to the management class?"  "No," replied their guide, in a tone of some curiosity.  "They belong to the workers."  
     A stunned Soviet New Man beginning to comprehend that he/they had been vary hoodwinked; being in a state where The People only knew what their Master Class wanted them to know.
     And here we are; going - being led - down that same sort of road.  A real stunner.

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