Monday, 2 January 2017

Wrapping Up Some Loose Ends

First, on the awareness of there being 'many a slip between the cup and the lip;' in this case, before the swearing-in ceremony for Donald Trump.  We are up against some very determined, and malevolent, characters, in this world, who are not about to surrender the field so easily, to such a 'reactionary' person as The Donald, standing against their best-laid, and long-established, plans for this world:

1) from ’The Globalists Have One Last Chance Before Playing the Assassination Card’ - Dave Hodges - December 31/January 1
(In brainstorming the ways that TPTB may try to pull off a false flag op, Dave pointed out how ‘we’ - the Obama admin - showed the Russians and the Chinese how our power grid works.  Presumably to show them our good faith.  Yeah, right.  And about that bridge that I have to sell you, in the Arizona  desert…)

Stan January 2, 2017 at 2:10 am
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Thanks for bringing up the point about TPTB blaming the Russians for a takedown of the grid because ‘they know how to do it’. And just WHY were they (and the Chinese) ever shown how to do it??  A: To use that info later, to be able to blame one or the other one for that very thing, if that becameTPTB’s modus operandi.

The Takedown of America has been in the works for a very long while. Nothing should be put beyond the scheming of these fiends. The better informed by the alt. media of the possibilities/probabilities of a false flag op taking place, the better. Keep up the good work – you and your cohorts in the TRUE media.

Secondly, on the business about California now having made it not a criminal matter for children to be charged with sex solicitation, and calling it for what it is, in its true intent:

2) It is serving, in a two-step dance, to decriminalize the act of underage sex, and thus the decriminalization of pedophilia.

Further, it leads to the agenda of those wishing to establish the UN Rights of the Child: for them to be free from parental disapproval and oversight; all part of the various moves going on to undercut the family unit as the bedrock of society and make children in effect wards of the state, not the ‘property’ - read, more properly: the responsibility - of their parents.   And thus, the allowing - the encouragement - of abortion, and contraception, without their parents’ knowledge, for one example.  (But hey - a child has a right to decide for herself or himself what to do with his or her own body - right???)  Separating children from their parents, who - in this scenario - are simply the sperm and egg donors, for the state’s property.  (Whom they 'own,' from their birth certificates.) 

Hand me that millstone.  There are some people who need to have one tied around their necks, and to be thrown into the sea.  For attempting to recreate the old Soviet Union, or the current Red China, or the imagined Big Brother state.  Not having learned their lessons yet.

As the rest of us proceed up the spiral stairway to the heavens.  Understanding the role of families in the whole exercise, of experiencing life in a duality/polarity setting. 

For just such lessons as these.

And then moving on.


Preferably.  However:

Your choice.

And you don't have long to make it, either.

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