Thursday, 12 January 2017

It Was Ever Thus. Note: 'Was'

Subtitled: Reporting From Duty

‘How’d it go down there?’

‘Don’t ask.  Am I ever ready for a break.  You wouldn’t believe how dark it had gotten.’

’Try me.’

‘You know our favorite country?  Extolling the individual, and the person’s responsibility to be self-governing, and all that?  Free to practice all the virtues and learn lessons from all the vices??’

‘Yeah.  Free will up the old gazoo.’

‘Well, that was where I was assigned.  And then I was assigned away for some time, and then went back.  And by then, our dishonorable opponent had become very dishonorably activated indeed.

‘My personal experience was in the state of California.  On the far west coast.  It was as if a groundswell of corruption had built up in the country over the years and built up and built up and then crashed and got released in its full power there, on the far shores of the continent.’

‘How so.’

‘Take the voting process.  First, they allowed anybody to get on the voter registration rolls, by just signing up for it.‘

“No checking?’

“Nope.  Their excuse was that people sign up ‘on penalty of perjury’.  That was it.’

‘No teeth.’

‘No teeth.  And then - after they had allowed the state to become flooded with illegal aliens - ‘


‘Because they made good cheap labor for the business owners and corporations; but also, because of what came next.’   

‘Which was…’

‘They allowed illegal aliens to apply for and get driver’s licenses.  There were so many of them in the state by then, they needed to help them get some of the jobs available.  Besides that way getting them to be more ‘at home;’ and in the minds of the citizenry, who were apparently so distracted by then that they didn’t notice the wolves in sheep’s clothing coming closer.’

‘And then…’

‘You’ve got it: And then, to make it even easier for the illegals to sign up to vote - some of whom were still leery of being found out by the authorities that way - they then set up a system whereby anybody who applied for or renewed their driver’’s license were automatically placed on the voter registration rolls.’


‘They were given the option to decide, of course.  Because that way, the authorities could still play the game of being innocent, because - ‘

‘Because they sign up ‘on penalty of perjury’.’

‘That’s it.  The onus was still on the individual.  Not on the state authorities.’

‘I believe that’s called ’institutional corruption’.’

‘And was it ever.  We’re talking millions of so-called voters.  What was happening, was that The Powers That Be were shifting the system to have political representative of, not just citizens, but simply of residents.’

‘I find it hard to believe that the citizenry didn’t recognize this, and demand that something be done about it.’

‘Yes, but you have to realize that, by then, the Dark side had so many of their people voting, that they had taken over the political machinery in the state.’

‘Got it.  As I commented: Sweet.’

‘And that wasn’t the half of it.  Anyway, that’s just an example, of how bad things had gotten.  But as per usual…’

‘Things had to get worse before they could get better.’  

’Same old story.  And even though I know the drill, it was still hard to live under such a yoke.’

‘And then…’

‘And then, the bill came due.  And was that ever something.  But I must be boring you.’

‘Well, it is the same old, same old.  But tell me how this example worked its way out to its foregone conclusion.  Every one of these stories from the 3D realm has its own interesting little aspects.’

‘Okay.  Well, then, what happened in this particular scenario, was’

The End.    

P.S. The spirit of self-reliance leads to a sense of self-worth, and all the rest of that chain of virtues - pride in one’s accomplishments (not misplaced pride), a positive outlook on life, an exemplar to others; etc..  The spirit of dependency leads to a sense of no personal worth, and all the rest of that chain of vices - sloth, indifference, greed…

‘Oh, but in a collectivist system, everybody is equal, and so there is no more greed.’  

Except for the fact that some are more equal than others, is all.  And the pernicious likes of greed is still in one’s heart, that ‘way’; to be activated at the first opportunity.   

In sum: America is being taken over by very dark forces, who wish to govern from the top down - totally.  In a believed-to-be closed system, in which the prevailing belief is that 'there is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so'.  That is, that there are no absolutes.  Everything is relative.  According to whoever has gained power over the whip.  

It’s time - and almost past - for Atlas to shrug these infectious agents off. 

And we inherit our true outcome:

Completion, of The Process.  Also known as


Out of the lowest rung on the ladder.  Up to, at the very least,

the next one. 

On the stairway to the heavens.

For 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

And about to move out of the spiritual - the consciousness - equivalent of 


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