Tuesday, 24 January 2017

...And Then We Can Start Going Down The Line

...to the the likes of the governor of California, my home state; who has presided over a criminal enterprise in this state.   To say - for one aspect of that criminality: To vote in this state is to engage in a criminal act; is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  To wit: The voter registration rolls are packed with ineligible names, including those of illegal aliens.  Why?  Because this state does not cleanse its voter reg rolls - and in addition, actually encourages ineligible voters to sign up, by instituting a policy of not only not requiring ID to vote (photo or otherwise), but even instructing their precincts not to ask for a person's ID.  Thus sending a signal to all ineligible voters - including the flood of illegal aliens in this state1 - to show up, and cast a vote, for they know who.  And even if they did ask for an ID (photo or otherwise), TPTB have covered that potential as well, by, first, allowing illegal aliens to get a driver's license in this state, and then oh-so-neatly having instituted a Motor Voter Law, whereby everybody who either applies for or renews their driver's license is automatically registered to vote.   Oh, they are given the option of not doing so, and it is "on penalty of perjury".  But, well, you know...wink wink......

And that brings me to my next level of criminal charges: to include even, e.g., the young gal at my city's Elections Office who so cordially on the phone assured me that they check the voter reg rolls, against this, that, 'n "the DMV".  But when at that point I pointed out that this state now allows illegal aliens to obtain a driver's license, her tone abruptly changed, and from being oh so cordial, she instructed me to call the (L.A.) County Voter Registration Office for further information.

Which I did.  And that is where I found out - from the horse's mouth, as it were - that no, they do not check the voter reg rolls.  Why not?  Because people sign up on it "on penalty of perjury".  That's it?  Indeed.  And so therefore, that 'check' is no check at all; is a toothless tiger.  If no one ever checks to see if anyone has signed up illegally - or if the name is of a deceased person; or is a duplicate in another state; or is a non-person altogether - this is a mug's game, and including with all the signaling that the state engages in for IAs to get directly involved in the politics, not only of this state.  But of the nation.


Voting, then, at least in this state, 2 is a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion, a charade.  And extremely dangerous to the nation.  With the millions of IAs in this state alone, that could have accounted for Hillary's 2.8 million plurality of the Popular Vote in this state alone.  And in any event, that plurality could have been accounted for between this state and New York State alone.

And neatly demonstrates the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, in putting the Electoral College process into our rule of law - our Constitution - as a check against the larger states overriding the smaller states.  This being a federal constitutional republic, and all.

I could go on.  But you get the drift.  And in summation:

All of the corruption that is going on in this nation, in all ways, needs to be wrung out of the various systems, before we can proceed on our path.  In a Purposeful process that is called


Join in with that cleansing.  In ways large and small.  And of course, including in your own personal life.

Or be left behind.

For it is

that time.

P.S.  And if it turns out - going back to the macro level in this country - that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr., is in fact a 'natural born' citizen (for having his actual birth parents turning out in fact to be U.S. citizens; which we don't know, since we haven't seen a real birth certificate for this imposter yet), rather than that allowing him to plead a form of chutzpah (classically defined as the act of a young man who kills both his parents and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan), the charge of impersonating an officer can be struck from his rap sheet; and his court case can concentrate on the charges of fraud, perjury, and treason.
      And we can all learn - from all this; all this life experience stuff - the simple, living fact that
      actions have consequences.
     Without which learning, we cannot advance on our path.  Of unfolding consciousness.  Of, in a word - as I say:

P.P.S. There is a scene at the end of British film Billy Elliott - about a young working-class Brit who wants to be a classical ballet dancer, to the consternation of his coal-miner father and family - when people 'in the know' gather to watch as Billy, an adult now, after having been accepted years before at the Royal Ballet School, is about to make his debut. They watch, mesmerized, as he leaps onto stage in his Pan costume, in a version of Swan Lake.  A huge, soaring leap, that seems to go on forever.
     I expect to see you soar like that.
     Come on, humanity.  You can do it. Make my day.
     It's graduation time.  Make the most of it.



1 Gov. Brown was even quoted at a meeting in the L.A. area, at which it was known that illegal aliens were present, as saying that "You are welcome in this state".
   I kid you not.  That's how imbedded, and perverse, things are in this state.  Which, not so incidentally, is looking to split off from the Union, and go its own way, as its own nation-state (or as part of a region); complete with letting all residents be voters, regardless of their current citizenship identity.
   All, part of the plan of the New World Order gang.
   But to continue.

2 And we haven't even talked yet about the electronic voting machines, hackable in a number of ways.  Or of the dirty acts that precinct workers get up to - as caught on camera by the likes of the Project Veritas crew; ballot stuffing when no one is looking, and so forth.  And. And.  And..........a whole sordid medley of corruption.
   Worth saving?>
   Let's see how people respond to the challenge, of cleaning up their acts.  On all levels.

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