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Background To Corruptions - Miscellaneous

1) from ‘Pres Trump Calls For Voter Fraud Investigation’ - Adam Shaw - January 25

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (Just gone January 26)

Hey President Trump - come over here to California and let us show you how it's done:

1. Allow illegal aliens to flood into the state over the years, and even have the governor tell an audience in the 'hot' L.A. County area with known IAs present: "You are welcome in this state."

2. No cleaning of the voter reg rolls, simply on the excuse that people sign up "on penalty of perjury" - and with no checking to see if anybody HAS signed up who is ineligible to vote, that is a toothless tiger.

3. No requirement for voter ID whatsoever, photo or no photo, no showing of mail evidencing that you live at that address, nothing. Once 'your' - or a - name is on the reg rolls, you're home free, to vote, and as many times as you are paid to do so, or simply wish to.

4. To help IAs get their name on the reg rolls: a) The legislature and governor made it legal for IAs to obtain a driver's license; then b) a Motor Voter Law was passed, automatically registering anybody who either signs up for a driver's license or renews theirs. (The word was that they were flooded with applicants for dr. licenses in L.A. County alone. after this bill was passed and signed into law by Gov. Brown.)

Anybody - and including Speaker Ryan - is being disingenuous when they try to argue that 'there is no proof of widespread voter fraud'. When you don't look for something, you don't see it. What I see, living here in the war zone of L.A. County, is that California alone could have accounted for the Popular Vote plurality of Hillary's over Trump's; and definitely between this corrupt state and New York. That's all it took for her to get that count.

We need to have a major overhaul of voting and electoral procedures in this country, and fast. 'Clean Elections Or No Elections' is my motto. Boycott them until they are cleaned up. No more of this nonsense going on.

(P.S. And now the move to take California out of the Union and make it an entity of its own - affiliated with the UN, and heavily controlled by China, who has been buying up immense amounts of California’s fertile agriculture and ranching land at bargain basement prices, just beating the return of the rain (controlled weather) to the state - is coming more out into the open, with the formal step having been taken this past Monday TO SUBMIT “A PROPOSED BALLOT MEASURE TO THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE IN THE HOPES OF A STATEWIDE VOTE AS SOON AS 2018” (quoting from an article in the LA Times, and as carried in an article on this subject in The Common Sense Show of January 24/5).
     And now we know why so many ex-Obama administration people - including former AG Eric Holder - are flocking to this state.  They are preparing the way for secession.
     In their dreams, actually…

P.P.S. The people behind this say they poll ”Californians” in gauging support for this initiative.  What they don’t say is who those “Californians” are.  
     They are not necessarily U.S. citizens.  They are ‘residents’.  Which includes the flood of IAs in this state.  Plus all the other Hispanics and others who have stealthily moved here over the years.
     Have been moved here…… 
     Time to come clean on all this, people.) 

2) (reply to friend's email - Jan. 25)

"As to Obama's Birth certificate, with all your contacts, if there is a different one, someone ought to have come up with it by now."  [I had made the claim that the bc that Barry Soetoro has presented to the world was/is fraudulent.   See Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse for good info on this subject.]

1. The Hawaiian authorities (a strongly Democrat state; and who also allow birth registration of children not even born in the state.  What a scam) have refused all requests to see their official original records.  We're supposed just to buy a pig in a poke.

2. Someone did come up with a bc for him from Kenya, complete with a baby's footprint on it.  But it was called a forgery, and the matter died there.
     [N.B. His (purported) paternal grandmother replied to a U.S. phone caller's query that she was present at Barry's birth, and then later in the conversation retracted that statement.  But that could have come from coaching by bystanders who were aware that that was not good info to be telling people, aware as they were of the questions surrounding Barry's eligibility for the presidency over in Whitey's country.  Very confusing stuff.  But part of the whole picture on this messy subject.]   

3. There is some evidence that neither Barack O Sr. nor Barry's communist mentor in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis - who a fairly strong case has been made for being his real birth father - is in fact his birth daddy.  Then who?  That evidence links Barry to a mysterious woman from New York City who appeared in his presence at least a couple of times over his years in the office, once sitting with him at a New York Knicks basketball game, and another time being part of a junket of 'friends' to the UK.  The case is that he is the result of a liaison between Malcolm X and a young Jewish idolizer, who ended up being parked with a communist comparatively squeaky-clean family in the network - the Dunhams - for grooming for future major political purposes, which he/they could never get away with if it was known that he was the son of Malcolm X (whom he looks very much like; even more so than like FMD).  
     In support of this idea are two bits of info: 1) There is no evidence that Stanley Ann was ever pregnant in that time period; and additionally along this line of inquiry, there is evidence that she was totally unprepared to take care of a baby.  When she moved to Seattle to go to school there, supposedly only very shortly after having given birth to Barry, a gal who knew her there reported that she didn't have a clue how to take care of a baby.  And 2) A retired CIA operative said to an audience of some sort in a talk that was videoed that Barry's DNA had been obtained from a glass of water, thus getting both his fingerprints and his DNA from his saliva; and his DNA check came out negative against either BO Sr. or Stanley Ann.  [The marriage with BO Sr. was a sham 'marriage' of covert convenience, and for which there has never been a marriage certificate found; they never lived together, and they went their separate ways very early on in the time period involved.  Basically, the 'handlers' of this scam needed to give the baby a 'respectable' name.  Google Martha Trowbridge for more info on this angle.]  
     How the CIA obtained DNA samples from either of them he didn't say, or I didn't catch it (I didn't listen to/watch the whole video.)  But anything that 'the CIA' says is immediately suspect: they are masters of deceit.  And, along that line of inquiry, there is the intriguing fact, reported on by an American businessman, that the CIA may have been involved in setting Barry up for the office way back in his career.  1) Barry went to work for a CIA front in NYC immediately upon 'graduating' from Columbia.  (And there's a whole bunch of curious business about his time there.  None of his supposedly former fellow students in the Poli Sci dept. have any recollection of him being in their classes; etc.  And Columbia is notorious for being a communist/CIA 'front'.)  2) There are reports that when he visited Pakistan whilst (presumably) at Columbia, he slipped over to USSR Russia and attended Patrice Lumumba University for awhile.  [The CIA would have had to know about all this.]  3) [After this time], the CIA connection came up [again] when the businessman reported that in 1992, whilst in Moscow checking out business connections, he had dinner one night at his Russian potential partner’s, whose wife, an ardent communist (even after the then-recent fall of the Soviet Union), got garrulous with copious amounts of grog present, and started taunting him about the U.S.'s failings, including its racism, and started telling him about how 'they' had a black man lined up for the presidency in the future - "That's right; a chocolate baby, half white" - who was even then attending an Ivy League college.  (You can look this anecdote up.  The man's name was Tom Fife.)  And it was communists who got him lined up for his slot as a senator from Chicago/Illinois.  Etc.
     There undoubtedly are factions within the CIA.  Including that part of it that helped cover up 9/11, and kept the FBI at bay, while their Arab patsies (whom they had let into the country in the first place; to be used for future 'projects') were lined up to take the fall for it.  But all of that is for another time, perhaps. Just saying, here, that it is hard to know who to trust anymore.  One has, ultimately, to rely on their instincts.  [I should have used the word ’intuition’ here.]
     And mine tell me that we are still in for a rocky road.  But that ultimately, the Truth will prevail.  Because - as my 'instinct' told me many moons ago; back when I was in university, and having the spiritual experience that set me out on my lifelong journey looking for Truth - 'the universe has Purpose; and that purpose is Good'. 
     And here I stand.         


P.S. Trump an Aspy??  Don't know enough about those symptoms.  What I do know is that it is a very good thing that he has appointed Robert Kennedy Jr. to start an in-depth investigation into the link between vaccines and the likes of autism.  Well over time for that to take place.
     But that subject is as well for another time, perhaps.  

3) from ‘Russia Is Preparing to Attack’ - Dave Hodges - January 24/5
(Hodges notes how the Russians appear to be using the Syrian conflict like the Nazis used the Spanish Civil War, to ‘work out’ their equipment and tactics.)

Stan January 26, 2017 at 2:40 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

Follow your instincts about Russia taking alarm at NATO activity, Dave: Putin could very well be at ‘war’ with the NWO crowd, not the U.S. per se. He knows how strong they are, and he won’t take their bs. Let’s give Trump a chance to bell this cat. And then we’ll see.


I reiterate a past comment:

All such corruption must be wrung out of 'the system' before we can proceed on our path.


The frequencies we are heading for won't - can't - take such low-vibratory energy.  Or actually, to say that the other way around.

Those who don't - can't - make the grade, will just have to fall behind a grade.  It is 

The Law.

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