Friday, 27 January 2017

Postcard From The Edge

A friend from overseas has sent me a snail mail.  Some excerpts from my reply, that are universally applicable:

* “The world stage is bonkers” - Indeed.  But then, things have needed to come to a head.  Like a fever.  To burn out the dross - expose it, and therefore, to deal with it.  And leave it behind.

* All the ‘fake news’ - “and it’s been from the mainstream”: Indeed.  And it turns out, over here, that there is a deeper, more ominous twist to it, to that concept.  It turns out that TPTB have managed to engage in a three-step dance leading (they have hoped) to totalitarianism.  First, they outlawed ‘Propaganda & Disinformation’ regarding material engaged in overseas, as example from Russia.  And then they have recently quietly outlawed such material as engaged in domestically.  And then they have now tried to paint the alt. media - the source of real news; as you pointed out - as having been under ‘Russian influence’ - as regarding the recent elections; accusing Russia of having hacked into various sites, and leaking the info to & through WikiLeaks (denied by both Assange & a former U.S. ambassador [and a former CIA guy, and a former NSA guy, among many others in the know]), that resulted in very damaging info getting out to the public, about Hillary, and Democrat Party corrupt doings, thus ‘influencing’ our elections. (They have even tried to say that Russia was behind moves to compromise our electoral machinery, or at least, attempted to access various aspects of it.  But that accusation doesn’t seem to have gained any traction,  Not like the first one.)  If Hillary had won, they would have closed the trap, and censored any alt. sites that they chose to make a case for being under ‘Russian influence’.  That is as close as things have come to the establishment of a totalitarian state in this country.  A close call indeed.  (But then, the guy who designed our Dept of Homeland Security machinery was behind the Stasi technology & mentality; so it figures.)

* Paul Craig Roberts - Yes, a good man.  I haven’t seen his book on the NeoCons, but thanks for the lead.  I’ll try to keep an eye out for any info on its contents.  Yes, that ‘circle’ is a modern-day Circle of Dante’s description of Hell.   

* The Inauguration - Yes, a close-run thing.  Anything could have happened.  I firmly believe the man is under divine protection.  (He is starting out with a bang.  I have concerns ab. some of his cabinet picks - they are Goldman Sachs & Rothschild types.  But then, they bailed him out of a financial pickle in the past, so he may figure that he owes them one.  We’ll see how this works its way out.  And, he is signaling that he won’t see that Hillary is prosecuted for her many misdeeds.  A big worry, that one. It sets the tone that nobody needs to abide by the law, if the Big People don’t have to, aren’t held accountable. )

* Russia-baiting - Yes, bad stuff.  TPTB dearly want their WWIII, for the money and for the continuation of their Power Over us.  They ain’t going to get it.  But they’ll keep on trying.  Until they are put out of contention.   Hopefully, any day now.

* Incentives to stay as fit as one can - Indeed.  Preventive medicine is the way of the future - nutrition, proper/whole foods, etc. etc.   And good on [my friend's partner] for adding coconut oil to his diet.  I have read about that, too, and have also followed suit.  But I don’t cook things (except hardboiled eggs), so I just add a little (it comes solid) to my raw salad, along w/ my apple cider vinegar & Extra Virgin olive oil dressing.  A bit strong, that way; but better than not.

*  Why did you decide to reincarnate now: My opinion?  We chose to incarnate at this time because it is the end of an age, and the beginning of another; a major one, this one, on a higher turn of the spiral.  It is as potent a change as that from caterpillar to butterfly.  And thus, the release of everything of the old, training-wheels eras.  Which can result in many uncomfortable symptoms, physical, mental, emotional.  So - rejoice!  Deliverance is at hand.  
     I know, I know: It is hard to believe.  I wonder about it myself, sometimes.  But when I keep slipping through the Veil - at odd moments, and in meditation, or at least in a meditative state - I have to begin to acknowledge that there is indeed something to it, to that idea.  That we have been impaled on the crook of conditioning, and when we release the idea that ’this is all there is,’ the truth begins to slip through, and land more firmly in our psyches.  Into that of peoples all over the world.
     See, I am of the belief that the Left - the communists, and fellow travelers, and deluded students - is coming from a place where the hem of that garment of Truth lives, that they have a piece of the picture, and thus, believe in ‘free education,’ and ‘free health care,’ and so on and so forth.  Because that is the state of being that we are heading for.  They have just not understood the Way to get there.  To say: Not by the Way of Force - the old way.  But by the Way of Love.  The Way landing, as we speak.  And we are here to help lead that Way; shine a Light on the entrance to it.  For others to find their way to.      

* Your weekly escape to your biodynamic gardening stints - What a good ‘practice’. 

*  The biodynamic bakery - what a good initiative.  [A bakery in Germany hires people to make their bread, not use machines.]  And that you bake your own bread, w/ organic flour: great.  An excellent idea.  Make sure to check at Cluny to see if they buy organic.  [This person is going to be going to the Findhorn Foundation this year for a program.]  One can’t take any chances, these days; as you mentioned, w/ the likes of glyphosate residue.  Make a noise if they don’t, and thus, are not setting a good example.  That’s the very sort of thing that they should be there for.

* All the illness and cancer around, and [this person's partner's relative]: We were given the warning many years ago, when Pasteur kept an open mind about the likes of microbes, and towards the end of his life, came to the realization/conclusion/acceptance (held by another man, whose name I have forgotten) that “the terrain is everything”.  Illness and cancer will keep coming back until we treat the body at the ‘whole’ level.  But that won’t happen under the capitalist system of ‘economy’ and governance  [e.g., the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex], whereby the sicker the people are, the healthier the economy is.  Up for a major, systemic change there, we are.  With [many] people not understanding that it is not a choice between the likes of socialism/communism or fascism - i.e., such statist approaches - [on the one handand capitalism [on the other].  The choice is between the Old and the New.      
* “What the future will bring…Keep breathing” - Indeed.  I get depressed too, about how slow things seem to be going/taking.  But then I keep coming back to the awareness that it is ‘slow’ to something better.  And my gut instinct - i.e., intuition - tells me that the various supporters of the concept of Ascension have it right.

So: Keep the faith.  As it were.  And keep shining your little light.  Together, we ARE making a difference.   



And so say I to you, dear Reader, too.  (Or you wouldn't be here, reading this.  Unless you are on the payroll for the New World Order gang.  In which case:

Look out.  The People are coming through.  Because

it's time.)

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