Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Bottom Line

from ’The Quantum Physics Behind Spirituality - Dr. Ted Broer Pt 2’ - Dave Hodges - January 5/6

k2r January 6, 2017 at 4:04 am 

“God created the laws of the universe…” But what is God, exactly? And who or what created God, and who or what created the creator of God, and so on?

Stan January 6, 2017 at 11:14 pm (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

k2r: Keep climbing the spiral stairway to the heavens and you will find out.

That, after all, is The Plan: Working our way out of the darkness into the fullness of the Light. Like the phototropic beings that we are.


...and, until we get there: The Show Must Go On:

from ‘Jihadi Jeh Johnson Makes It Official - Election Systems Now Under His ”Protection” - Rick Wells - January 7/8
(“The mechanisms and propaganda for this declaration have been in the works since the closing months of the election but the upset victory by Donald Trump made implementation a little more delicate. Now that they’ve had a couple of months of selling the mantra that “the Russians hacked the election,” to provide themselves with a permission slip, the globalists at DHS are officially putting our state-run election systems under their control, “in the name of security”…”)
Stan // January 8, 2017 at 11:39 am // Reply (act. January 7 PST)
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If the fed is going to get involved in the voting and electoral processes in the country at all, tell them to get over here to California and arrest governor ‘Jesuit Jerry’ Brown for running a criminal enterprise. I as an American citizen have been effectively disenfranchised by a plethora of corrupt practices here, relating to the ability of the illegal aliens who have been allowed to flood into this state to vote. 1) The authorities don’t clean the voter reg rolls of ineligible voters (they say that people sign up on the rolls “on penalty of perjury,” and that’s it – as if just that is any meaningful deterrent, without any teeth to it); 2) this state doesn’t require any form of ID whatsoever to vote (and in fact, my precinct supervisor told me that they are specifically instructed NOT to ask for any ID; a signal if there ever was one); and 3) this state now allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses – and thereby, with its recent conveniently-instituted Motor Voter law, automatically be put on the voter reg rolls. (Hillary could have gotten all of her 2.8 million more Popular Votes than Trump from this state alone.)

I would LOVE for federal Marshals to come into this state and clean house. Now, why am I feeling that that isn’t going to happen under Obama’s administration of the federal bloodhounds???


As for this meme that the NWO mob has constructed, that "the Russians hacked the election": what is this all about?

Besides a distraction tactic - to draw the public's attention away from the contents of the DNC's and Hillary's/John Podesta's emails - one need look no further than Syria, where the Russians are killing our proxies, in the CIA-supported and Mossad-supported and -manned ISIS. With even some U.S. 'advisors' reportedly killed in a recent air raid on their bases of operation.  And the Obama administration must be backed by the MSM to demonize the Russians, hopefully to start beating the war drums, and drag us into conflict with Russia, for the sake of the New World Order.  Certainly not for our sake.

'Our':  America's.

The free world's.

Standing up to traitors amongst us.

And on that note: Look for TPTB to attempt to orchestrate a false flag op between now and the 20th, in order to head off Trump's inauguration, and give the Usurper the excuse he needs to declare a state of national emergency and consequent martial law, and stay in power.

If they are not headed off at this 'come to pass' by the White Hats.

Supported by an alert citizenry.


You, Citizen.

May You rise to this occasion.

Much is riding on your doing so.

In that posse.

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