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The Dark And The Light

from ‘So, You Want the Truth about #Pizzagate? Here It is’ - Tim Brown - January 19 
(Investigative journalist Ben Swann of CBS’s ‘Reality Check’ has done a fair job of presenting the basic evidence about this subject, based on John Podesta’s emails.  But as always, the MSM doesn’t quite get the story…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (January 19)

Although Ben gave a fair presentation - as far as it went - I'm not sure why truth-minded people are looking to the MSM for their info on anything anymore. It is obvious by now that yes, there are purveyors of 'fake news' - and they are the bought-and-paid-for MSM. The real thing is to be found on the alt. media. Along with some disinfo, which makes a truth seeker's task that much harder; but one can usually begin to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

As for ‘The Truth About PizzaGate,' there is considerably more about that in the alt. media than this 'Reality Check' presentation of Ben's. For example, the alt. media sleuths (and good on them for their digging deeper into such things; as they did with the likes of the Sandy Hook Hoax/FEMA Exercise and the Boston Marathon Bombing even-announced Drill) have uncovered evidence of a/the basement, where killing of their victims has taken place. Undoubtedly for snuff films as well. But let's trust that a cleaned-out FBI under Trump will dig out the whole truth about this disgusting matter - including major league players in this scurrilous business, like politicians. It is no wonder, indeed, that this Alefantis character is a powerful figure in D.C. Can you say, blackmail???

A friend emailed me (yesterday, now) a video entitled ‘Gaping Holes in Trump’s Foreign Policy Team,’ wherein Trump was taken to task over his slow-working transition team and how his “approach to foreign policy appears particularly rudderless…,,” and who commented to it that “we are in for turbulent times…”  This friend also in the email mentioned about having read the book ‘Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House’ - “A fascinating perspective from all the people that work, or have worked there, some of them for many administrations.  After that I read some more from former staff.  I wonder what they are all thinking or talking about among themselves, with this totally unknown energy arriving…”  My response:

“1) Not to be pessimistic, but there's many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. Meaning: a) It hasn't happened yet; and b) There is a disturbing process/agenda at work in our time, employed (for whatever reason(s); perhaps free will/karmic) by our erstwhile masters, called 'predictive programming,' whereby TPTB telegraph their 'moves'.  In the case of 9/11, it was via such Hollywood outlets as The Simpsons' TV cartoon series, in which the term '911' was used in conjunction with the two 1s appearing like towers.  This was some years prior to the event.  Which, as anybody who has looked into that atrocious event knows, took a fair amount of planning and organizing to carry off. 
     These are some very dark entities who are behind the attempt to take over the world. 

“2) I find the breadth of your interests and reading both interesting and impressive.  As to Life in the White House:  I remember reading somewhere, back in JFK's day, or shortly thereafter, that he had a swimming pool in the House, to which his young female interns were invited to take a swim with him and the SS guys.  Sans swimsuits or not, the article didn't mention.  And another mentioned a couple of said young lovelies, who were nicknamed 'Fiddle' and 'Faddle' by the SS guards.  And with whom much else was shared, during his tenure in The People's House.  
     Not sure that all of this was mentioned in the book you read.  Maybe it mentioned R. Nixon's bowling lane.  A bit more mainstream, that factoid, about Life in the White House.
     And speaking of which, and with which to round this reminiscing out: I enjoyed the story about JFK remarking, at a dinner in the WH with some very big whigs, that 'there had never been such an impressive gathering of intellect there at one time since Thomas Jefferson dined alone'.  Or words to that effect.

“But those were the days when we had some really great individuals leading this nation.  I doubt that we will ever have such luminaries as G. Washington, the Adams', Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, et al, ever again.  We seem to have been involved in a breeding-out of admirable intellectual and 'virtue' power over the years.  Oh - and just to close with the info, and recommendation, of an online series of courses on all that, by Hillsdale College.  Well worth checking into, and taking.  Each series - e.g., on Constitution 101, The Supreme Court, the Federalist Papers, etc. - lasts up to ab. 10 sessions each (one weekly), and can be taken with a study book or not.  Excellent stuff.

“Ah, those were the days, for this nation.........

“May we hold the vision for better times for said nation.  For our sake.  And for the world’s.” 

And another friend also emailed me at about the same time a YouTube video titled ‘The Doomsday Plan: Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office,’ about how CNN has aired “a report which revealed that an Obama appointee would become president if Donald Trump was killed during an attack on the inauguration tomorrow….”

Yes, things are heating up.  With at the same time reports on one of my most followed sites - The Common Sense Show - of various bits of very disturbing info, particularly regarding foreign troops (Russians, and Chechens, and others; including ISIS-type jihadists, being trained to act like Mexicans) on our soil, beginning to heat up their presence via movements, caches of weapons, even stealing things (and being released by Obama DHS officials), etc. etc.  And as well with things heating up on the border, with thousands of black ‘refugees’ from various countries in Africa - all military-aged men, with military haircuts, in good physical shape, well dressed, and all with cell phones, having been allowed to enter this country, 20-25 a day, most of the past year; down just below me, in southern California…a state that is being taken over by a move toward independence, from the governor down, and including top former Obama administration officials; gathering here now, like vultures to a carcass...

And then I go to one of my other most-followed sites, a spiritual one (Golden Age of Gaia), and over there, all is well, and beautiful, and we are being prepared for good times - Ascension, and ’the Reval’ about to be rolled out, and so forth…

I could go on with both sorts of aspects.  But I will summarize my most on-top feelings on ‘Life in the U.S.A.’ at this time:

I can relate to the part of me that is a priest.  But I can also relate to the part of me that is a king.  And I want these foreign troops out of my country.


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