Monday, 30 January 2017

On Setting Things To Rights

Yesterday a friend living here in California forwarded to me an invitation to a Tea Party meeting.  It was out of my living territory, but was just FMI anyway.  My response to my friend:

'Whenever you go to any of these meetings, please put in a word for the need for Voter Integrity measures to be STRENUOUSLY championed by the Tea Party people.  I am one of the disillusioned citizens who won't vote any more in this state, because to do so is the equivalent of aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime.  We need to:

* have the voter reg rolls CERTIFIABLY CLEANSED of all ineligible voters - illegal aliens, other non-citizens, dead voters, duplicate-multiple voters, the works (we have the computer capability these days to crunch all these categories quickly);

* stop the corrupt practice of Absentee Ballot voting, or at least, tighten it up;

* stop the corrupt practice of Early Voting, or at least, tighten it up;

* require photo ID (already easy to get in this state - and NOT a driver's license, since they are now available to illegal aliens), and proof of living at the address on record for the name the person is voting under (a utility bill, a letter mailed to that address, etc.); 

* issue a receipt for one's vote, so that there is a record of the voting in case of a need for a recount;

* institute mandatory exit polls, to compare against the later official-reported tallies;

* stop the use of electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways - back to paper ballots and a clear paper trail (so the need to open more precincts, to cut down on waiting times);

* security cameras in place in every precinct, under lock and key, so that the precinct workers are watched in all their actions (to cut down on ballot stuffing);

* a clear security trail for all OFFICIALLY SEALED ballot boxes, to make sure that they are not tampered with at any stage;

* a requirement that no tally takes place without a member of both major political parties and a more independent citizen present. 

That's enough for a start.  This crap of Voter and Electoral Fraud needs to stop - and like NOW.  Hillary's Popular Vote plurality could have come from California ALONE; or at the least, between just California and New York.  What a monstrous situation in this country, all this corruption around the voting process.  It's worse than a banana republic.  ENOUGH!!'


As for other such activity just recently:

1) from ‘Russians Practicing Touch’n Go Landings in N. Colorado - Paul Martin Interview' - Dave Hodges - January 28/9
(This was on top of other such reports recently out of the northern Colorado-southern Wyoming area - the 'Continuity of Government' area - of suspicious activity regarding both Russian and Gurkha military forces - the Gurkhas being particularly trained for countering guerilla warfare.)

Stan January 29, 2017 at 9:18 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

I don’t understand why the American people are standing for all this bs regarding foreign troops engaging in maneuvers in this country. Tell them to get back to their own countries and do their practice there. But whatever they do, wherever they go, get the hell out of my country – and NOW.

Jam the phone lines to your local and state authorities first, then your federal authorities, and including your local media – complete with documented evidence – and including your National Guard, and GET SOME ACTION. This has been going on for damn long enough. Especially around that COG area. It’s as though they are practicing for the inevitable reaction of patriots to a takeover attempt. Enough is enough.

2) from Heritage Action’s online ‘First 100 Days Priorities Survey 2016’:

After checking 6 issues in my estimation of High Priority and 2 of Mid-Level Priority in response to the question ‘How would you prioritize the following…’ -

my entry in the closing category of ‘Other First 100 Day Priorities’:

‘All foreign troops who are 'training' in this country - OUT.  Immediately.  Without their equipment; said equipment to be shipped after they are out of here.

‘Instruct the new AG to arrest and hold for trial the man who calls himself Barack Obama Jr., primarily for having been an ineligible occupant of the Oval Office (not a 'natural born' citizen, as per the understanding of the meaning of the term in the day of the constitutional Framers - see E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX,  Sect. 212).  Charges to include impersonation of an officer, fraud, perjury, and treason. 

‘Instruct the new AG to arrest and hold for trial Hillary Clinton, on a whole host of charges by now, primarily including endangerment of our national security by the use of an unsecured email server for official SoS business.  NO ONE BEING ABOVE THE LAW.

‘As we take our country back, from those who have put it in harm's way.’  

This business of allowing our voter reg rolls to be inundated with the names of ineligible voters - both illegal aliens and other non-citizens; plus all the dead-voter names, and names of people registered to vote in more than one state (like college students, registered in both their school area and their home area, and voting in both) - has gotten so far and out of control as to be ludicrous.  And all 'fit for purpose'.  The purpose of our erstwhile masters.

Example.  Years ago, California (and other states) had a very successful Bracero program, whereby Mexican nationals came into this county on seasonal visas, to help in the fruit and veggie fields.  But the New World Order termites saw this as a golden Opportunity, to use these people as cannon fodder, in packing the voting rolls - enticing them into coming over the border on a permanent, not just seasonal, basis.*  All, as part of their attempt to break down the 'ruling' culture, on the way to their vaunted global empire.  And now, Governor 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown is delivering on The Deal, in the form of the CalExit movement: the plan to take California independent, as a nation-state on its own, under the auspices of the UN - to start with.  Our erstwhile masters hoping, that all of the machinations of the communists (and their masters in the higher, actual controlling ranks of the pyramid of power running the world.  Trying to, that is) are about to pay off.  Regardless of that 'Curses - foiled again' wild card in the form of The Donald.  

And little understanding that there is a higher Power even than theirs, behind all this. 

And that I didn't return to my home town here in Southern California just to retire in  the sun.

Which I have pretty much just become aware of.

But better late than never.


* And as cover as well for the insertion likes of jihadists.  And gang members.  And on and on - people enticed into their plot, to cause mayhem, and further the cause of the breakdown and collapse of the U.S.A.; the major block to their best-laid plans that it is.

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