Saturday, 14 January 2017

Signs Of The Times

1) A conversation overheard:

'Going to watch the inauguration?'

'Don't know.  When have they scheduled one in for.'

'Whadda ya mean, 'When have they scheduled one in for'?  It's always on the same date.  January 20th.'

'So you say.'

'What?  What are you on about?'

'Well, they can choose to do that sort of thing whenever.  Whatever date.  Whatever year.  If ever.'

'Fill me in on your nonsense.'

'Nothing to do with me.   Let me ask you.  Where does it say that that sort of thing has to be on such-and-such a day and year.  If ever.'

'What??  Why, the Constitution.'

'So.  There you go.'

'Alright.  I'll bite.  What are you talking about.'

'I'm talking about the fact that we ceased to be governed by the Constitution especially when we stopped going by the Constitution regarding the eligibility requirements for the occupant of the presidency of the nation.  This man you people call the 'president' was ineligible for that office from before his Day One.  Thus, in allowing him to fill that office, you came out from under the rule of law in the country - its Constitution, and entered a Badlands territory where you have been running things under the rule of men.  Otherwise known as arbitrary law.  Otherwise known as despotism.  Tyranny.

'So, you can set an 'inauguration' whenever you choose to.  Or not.   Everything is arbitrary, in this country, now.

'You better get used to it.  Because some very nasty people know that.  And they will continue to 'push the envelope' against the flimsiest of controls over their hunger for power.  Which amount mostly to simple inertia.   People doing things just because that's the way that they have always been done.  But no more.  You people are living in a dream world.'

And it is liable to get worse before it gets better.


2) A friend sent me a link to a YouTube posting from titled ‘Rockefeller Dynasty’s Role in Climate Scam’.  A guy - Craig Richardson, of 'Energy & Environment Legal’ - gives a quick overview of his legal outfit’s report on the Rockefeller’s involvement in the ’climate change’ scam.  My response to my friend: 

"Too bad this report was so short.  If you dig a little you'll find info on how the Trilateral Commission in particular is behind the push to make the economic system be based not on free market forces but on carbon credits/usage & allocation of energy.  The info is also via Patrick Wood, author of 'Technocracy Rising'.  It's what is behind the UN's '2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development'.  All important stuff, for your readership.  A spinoff of it is that some company made money off their employees being killed in the WTC takedowns on 9/11 because of having taken out life insurance on them, and getting carbon credits for their demise & thus the downsizing of their employee pool.  It's a wrinkle on the historical 'dead peasant life insurance' scam whereby barons of old would take out life insurance on their peasants and then kill them.

"But hey - it will soon get better.  Because we certainly have come close to hitting bottom."    


Feeling that bottom with your toes yet??????????

Don't worry if you don't.

You will.

Any short time now.

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