Monday, 2 January 2017

Vespasian Baby! Have I Got A Deal For You!

(Forgive me, Christians, but you need to hear some ‘gospel truth’.  We are heading into new waters - from scarcity to abundance; from competition to cooperation; from duality to Oneness - and we can’t go into The New with falsehoods still playing a major role in our lives.  One such.

The following was channeled to me today.  (Not.))

‘O Vespasian, the Greatest, who should not only be emperor of Rome but of the whole frickin’ world, if you will spare me, I  - ‘

“Spare me the crap, Josephus.  You asked to see me about something important.  Let’s hear it.’

‘Indeed, my Master, the most glorious - ‘

‘Josephus.  I’m a busy man.’

‘Indeed, my Master, the Master of - right.  I have a proposal, of how you not only can get a groundswell of approbation for the emperorship, but I can get the Jews to go along with you, and stop their -  ‘


‘  - My - their, actually, seeing as how I am one of you in spirit - incessant rebelling against your noble pursuits for  - ‘


‘Indeed, my Master.  But not only that, but how I can get them to accept your son, Titus - ‘

‘Whom I know.’

‘Indeed, my - sir.  But get them to accept your son as their ruler.’

‘How could you possibly get them to do that.  He has just sacked Jerusalem.’

‘Ah.  But I have a plan.’

‘Let’s hear it.’

‘Well, your Mastership; it’s a little complicated…you would understand… ‘

‘Josephus.  You are trying my patience.  I give you my word that I will spare you, if this is good.  So let’s here it, in a word.’


‘ - Pardon me?’

‘You wanted a word, I gave you a word.’

‘…I’m beginning to get it.  Let’s hear it.  I’m interested.’

‘If your Lord and Mastership will - ‘

‘Josephus.  I gave you my word.  And in addition, I will make you a place in my household.  You could be of valua.  Be of possible value.  And if your idea is what I think it is, your name among your fellow Jews will be mud, anyway.’

‘Indeed, sire.  Indeed it would be.  - Will.  Be.’

‘But you are prepared to weather that storm.’

‘Hey, when your life is on - I mean - ‘

‘I know what you mean, Josephus.  Carry on.’

And carry on he did.  With a plan to make Vespasian’s son, Titus, out to be the Jews’ longed-for and expected Messiah.  Having shown them the whip, for being the rebellious lot that they were, Titus could be used in the role of God’s vengeful anointed showering His disfavor on his Special People.  Josephus’s plan was to make Titus’s military campaign in Judea the Second Coming of their Messiah.  Hinging on his creating of a precursor character of lighter mode, who would foresee the sacking of Jerusalem and the Temple as a curse on the Jews for being the troublesome lot in the Empire that they were.  As Josephus knew so well.  Being one of them himself.  And seeing a way out of his predicament.  As a friend of the bigger kid on the block, who was showing all the signs of remaining in that position for a very long time.  Long past his own lifetime.  And with a little luck, that could be a favored life, indeed.  To the victor going the spoils, and all.

And lo, was created a fable, about a god-man - of which there were many at the time; plenty to borrow themes from - born in lowly circumstances, destined to become King of the Jews, but, being scorned by His own, prophesying their comeuppance: that within that very generation, Jerusalem and the Temple would be demolished.

So Josephus set his fable thirty-some years previous to the crucial event of the (historical) story.  

And inserted himself into his fable as a character that he named Saul - after the Jews’s great king of their history - who became - in a play on his own situation; a sort of pun, or clue, for the really clever people who would read all about it later on - known by another name.

Chosen by Josephus to be Paul. 

And the rest has been history.  Otherwise known as

his story.

Read all about it.  In a number of books.  In particular, two by Ralph Ellis: ‘Jesus, King of Edessa’ - from which actual historical figure Josephus most likely got the name of his character - and leading up to that one: ‘Jesus: Last of  the Pharaohs;’ and one by Joseph Atwill: ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’.  Also, as excellent background to this whole story and period of time: a series of books by D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S), esp. her ‘Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection,’ to understand where Josephus would have gotten some of his life themes of a god-man, prevalent at the time, and so expectable and acceptable by the unsophisticated masses. 

And having said all this, know that:

prayer works. 

Because everything - everything - is connected.

Is part of a Whole.

Is all One.

And that is the sort of awareness that will go with us, as we usher in

The New.

Or, more precisely:

is the sort of awareness that will usher in The New.

So, the message is:

Put out what you want.

Not what you don’t want.

My suggestion.  Put out: ’Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

And all will be revealed.  In

The End.

Let there be Light.

At the end of all this darkness that we have lived in, for quite long enough, now.

But for a purpose.

Life being a school.

With the purpose being

to graduate.

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