Sunday, 12 February 2017

On Being Taken To Task

I have been taken to task by the poster whose comment I responded to and posted here on my blog last Friday, regarding both the Constitution and its amending Bill of Rights.  The person appears to be an anarchist.  ("Nobody ever had the right to declare themselves to be government.")  But that's not what I wish to comment on further in this blog.  I wish to go into further detail on this whole business of the Constitution.  And as recently re-inspired by the series of online lectures sponsored by Hillsdale College on 'The Federalist Papers'.  (And the likes of its series entitled 'Constitution 101' just previous to this one; which I am currently half-way through.)  Because something has been lost over the years 'in the translation' - in its interpretation.  And as highlighted by the very presence of a, the, Bill of Rights.

So.  In sum.

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government such powers as the Bill of Rights refers to, in blocking it from the power to do.  So, it doesn't have such powers in the first place.  (As both the 9th and 10th Amendments make very clear.)  That is being 'exclusionary' by its very nature.  The fact doesn't have to be spelled out in the contract.1

So: The only powers that the federal government has are the ones mentioned in the terms of the contract, and as it is subsequently - and properly - amended.2  Now, I do understand that the federal government centralized-power apologists (and schemers) have referred to 'Emergency War Powers' ('The War on Cancer'; 'The War On Terror', etc.); and this must be by what dubious authority the federal government has been engaging in all manner of illegal activity, as though it were a central government, not a federal government ('The easier to take you over by, my dears').  But that has been hocus pocus, pure and simple; a magician's trick, by - as I alluded to just above - those who are attempting to take this country over, and merge it - submerge it, actually - into their vaunted - and totalitarian - New World Order.  The bottom line:

The Constitution is a contract.  The federal government can't do, has no power to do, anything outwith the terms of the contract.  It hasn't been asked properly over the years of the devious undermining of the contract that has been going on: 'By what power and authority do you presume to make that action?'  And it most certainly, in most instances, can be said to be due to arrogance merely; and an attempt to gain and presume total power and authority over the States and The People, except as expressly prohibited by the terms of the contract, and its subsequent amendments.  A subtle, and terribly crucial, difference.   Which is a snare and a delusion.

And its days are over and done with.


With a new governance coming in anyway.

Of this nation.

And the world.

The exact opposite - the mirror image - of the totalitarian, ruthless New World Order - governed by the concept of Power Over, rather than Power With, and Within - planned for it by those powers of the Dark

who are about to meet their Waterloo.



1 The poster took me to task for not being aware that the wording about 'limited and delegated powers' is not in the Constitution itself.  But they don't have to be.  A contract is a contract.  As Madison spelled out in the Federalist Papers.  But to continue.

2 Which neither the 14th nor the 16th Amendments were, as I understand.  If not more of them.  (I understand that there is some question about the 17th as well.)
   Either we live by the rule of law or we don't.
   But to continue.


Consider yourself as having been
              taken to task:
          those of you who
           have engaged in
             the subversion
        and those of you who
              have allowed it
                  to happen
By not paying sufficient attention
       to what has been going on
              in your country -

            And mine.

   Which I now claim
  from whence it came:
           the higher
            for a time
           and season
    to the lower levels
      of the education
       that we are all
          engaged in.

              Have I
            too much
              of thee
  in turning this country
              over to
           The People
             to do with
           as they will?
          don't think so.
           But let's see.

          are about to

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