Thursday, 16 February 2017

Enough Already!

from ‘Eye Witness to Failing Oroville Dam Speaks Out’ - Dave Hodges - February 14/15
(This earthen dam north of Sacramento, which is bulging with water after the end of the drought a short while ago - shades of Weather Warfare?? -  is perfectly positioned if someone wanted to 'take out' California in a massive calamity.  Paul Preston, a backer of the Jefferson State movement for Northern California to secede from California proper and become the 51st state, has visited the site in question and has some very sobering things to say about the situation  And Governor ‘Jesuit Jerry’ Brown, who has links with the Chinese and is keen for the Illegal Aliens to vote California out of the Union, is nowhere to be seen…)

Stan February 15, 2017 at 11:37 pm
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Since TPTB have been trying quietly to move farmers and ranchers off the land in many states in the West, and the Chinese have quietly been buying up the land in drought-struck CA at bargain-basement prices, and Weather Warfare could still be going on, Paul could very well be right: This is a setup.

What a horrendous crime.

This situation smacks of the Katrina disaster, when it turned out that there was credible evidence that someone blew the levee.  Why?  Because TPTB wanted people out of that area, so no more fishing livelihood/industry, so that - and in tandem with the Gulf Oil Spill disaster, of some 5 years later - TPTB could turn that area into an algae-harvesting area, for the biofuel/alt. fuel of the future.  People like George Soros and Al Gore setting up algae farms in the aftermath of the latter 'opportunity', with TPTB’s use of Corexit - a dispersant; and more toxic and less efficient than others available at that - to ’clean up’ the spill, which, it turns out - surprise surprise - causes, or at least has the effect of causing, an oxygen exchange that kills fish/fishing and enhances algae production.

Sweet.  For some.

I can hardly wait for this sort of crap to END.  And the Dark forces shown their place:

Out the door.

P.S. Do I really believe that such a scenario is possible, this business of a one-two punch to take out an area?  Of course; especially given the evidence over the years of the skulduggery of these people who would be our masters.  9/11; the Sandy Hook FEMA 'Exercise'; the Boston Marathon Bombing 'Drill'.  The list of such operations goes on and on.
   All of which will be investigated to the nth degree, and the perps - all the way to the top - made to pay for their sins against humanity.
   Another story.
   To say: Another part of
   The Story.

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