Thursday, 9 February 2017

Signs Of Our Time

from ’Trump Confronts Putin on Iran’ - Dave Hodges - February 7/8
(Hodges has a dispensationalist Christian attitude towards the current state of Israel that doesn't allow him to see that it is a criminal enterprise)

Stan February 9, 2017 at 12:25 am
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Iran is not our enemy. Iran is an enemy of The New World Order PTB, and their monetary system. It needs to go anyway. There’s a larger picture here, Dave. Putin is right to side with Iran. Ultimately, Putin and Trump need to be on the same page.

from ’Sessions Urges Civility In Farewell To Senate, Pledges Return To Rule Of Law - Rick Wells - February 8/9  

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A good man.

Now let the DoJ go after Hillary, Jeff.  And do their job.

And clean out the PizzaGate swamp.  And………

from ’Trump Dealt Major Setback as Appeals Court Sides With Immigrants’ - February 9


February 9, 2017 at 11:40 PM

This is a nonsense. The law is clearly on Trump’s side – national security ‘trumps’ any squeamish Democrat attitudes about ‘discrimination’. The Left is just pulling every corrupt device that they can think of to block Trump from doing his job as President. Patriots really need to call the Left on their extreme obstructionist moves. They seem to think that this is a one-party nation, and that they were born to rule. Think again, bozos.

And in the Words-fail-me department:

from ‘Illegal Immigrants Travel Freely - Travel Bans Only Apply to US Citizens’ - Dave Hodges - February 8/9 

(“In an outrageous turn of events, the topic of travel bans is being used to the detriment of United States citizens. illegal aliens can now enter the United States and move about freely, without regard to their intentions [or] any potential harm they may bring to our citizens. Because of a treasonous federal judge, we are not allowed to screen these people for danger and suitability. However, the IRS can ban a citizen from travel simply because [they] say that one has not paid their taxes. This ban...on travel is in effect without so much as a conviction, simply the word of the IRS is enough to stop a citizen from traveling…”)

If the U.S. isn’t turning into the U.S.S.R. before our very eyes, someone is not seeing correctly.  Or as Dave Hodges just said in another context about the same sort of crap going on in this country (smart TVs watching us; Intellistreet lampposts):

“ - and pretty soon they’ll put cameras in our toilets to see where our heads are because we’re not fighting back.”

And as he concluded his rant on this posting: 

“Haven’t you had enough?  Isn’t enough enough??  When are we going to stand up against this sort of tyranny???”

My sentiments exactly - but with a caveat:

We need to be careful not to overreact.  Or TPTB will crack down on us with extreme prejudice.

We need to be smarter than our TV sets these days… 

P.S. And as a poster on this article site pointed out: the IRS is illegal anyway.  The 16th Amendment was never properly ratified.  And when we return to the rule of law in this country (actually, move beyond it, into The New Age), that error will be rectified.

Right behind the arrest and holding for trial of the ineligible occupant of the Oval Office just past.  And a whole host of other stuff that needs to be set to rights.

Before we can enter the frequency of that New Order of the Ages.

The real one.  Not the one of the Freemasons.

They have it close.  But no cigar.


P.P.S. The last word this 'day' to Judge Nap (a good man if there ever was one):

from ’Napolitano - “9th Circuit Intellectually Dishonest,” Usurped President, Trampled Constitution’ - Rick Wells - February 9/10
(Judge Nap telling it like it truly is.  The President has control over foreign policy.  Period.)

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The Democrats really need to be slapped down on all this crap. They are acting as if there is only one-party rule in this country, and they are it, and Trump is an upstart. He needs, and the Supreme Court needs, to call them on the error of their ways. And that includes a lot more of all this obstructionism crap going on.

And let’s get to the real issue here: the assumption on the part of the Democrats that Hillary ‘won the Popular Vote’. With the help of a lot of illegal alien votes and those of other ineligible voters, and dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters, and Soros-sponsored electronic voting machines. This ‘constitutional crisis’ should be the trigger that is needed to clean up the nation’s voting and electoral fraud – completely. No state’s votes counting towards federal elections unless they pass a certified process of cleaning of voter reg rolls, and go back to paper ballots, with a clear paper trail. And security cameras keeping an eye on the ballot boxes at all times. And. And. And…the works. Which is far overdue ANYWAY. We are worse than a banana republic in this regard.

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