Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Ogre

I remember the, or at least close to the, opening scene of a movie about life in a small village in Greece in the mid-20th century where a band of the elderly women of the village are in a bedroom loudly wailing and sobbing at the imminent demise of one of their number, lying almost comatose in the bed.  And then she takes her last breath.  A hush falls on her sisters.  And then they immediately set about stripping the bedroom of its furnishings (and presumably the rest of the house), first come, first served.

What larceny beats in the hearts of us humans.  What hypocrisy.

I am also reminded of that sort of hypocrisy when the Democrats in this country wail and shed crocodile tears over attempts by the states to have voter ID laws applied.  ‘Voter suppression!’ it is loudly declared.  As if having ID isn’t required to do a whole host of social interactions in our society - including applying for welfare.1   

That ridiculous claim even being utilized, to her intended vote-enhancing benefit, by the Queen of Sleaze and Larceny herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton, during her campaign for the - can you believe it - presidency of the United States…

And then there’s the Democrat hypocrisy regarding the other side of this scam: illegal aliens.  First of all, in the insistence that they be called ‘undocumented workers' at best, or 'undocumented immigrants’ at worst.  (Thus applying - attempting to apply - some sort of balm to the injury.)  And then, in the deliberate pea-switching tactic of slipping them in to our consciousness under the term simply of ’immigrants’.

‘Trump is against immigrants!  Wah!  Wah!’  

Utter wicked balderdash.

So much for the Democrats.

And speaking of illegal immigrants, and their attraction to slipping into this country:

I loudly proclaim to myself, many a time, while watching videos on the subject, or reading my many snail-mail letters about the subject, disgust over that dastardly business.  And then - for example - I came home from my daily this early evening and found that the yogurt lid of the empty container that itself I had put some water in and set in my sink for dealing with later, but had put the lid itself on the drain counter, had attracted a swarm of ants.  Ants: the bane of my existence here in this apartment.  It’s as if this building - or at least my end of it - had been built on an ant hill.  I killed them, of course - I had to; if I don’t, they are emboldened, and continue to scour the area (my living space!) for other possible morsels - but I feel remorse in doing so.  Yes yes: I have tried to tune into them, or at least their queen, and get them to stop their periodic raids on my space that way.  But it is, simply, no use.  They just keep coming.

And why not.  If I leave morsels out, they are attracted.  It’s their nature.  It's that simple.

And the same with us humans.  If our nation’s employers employ illegal aliens - under the table - they are attracted.  

I am saying that yes, 'they' are at fault.  Both the 'they' of said employers and the 'they' of those attracted.  (The latter 'they' could have waited their turn to come into this country through the front door, like all the other dutiful immigrants; who are incontestably welcome.)  But we Average Joe and Jill American are at fault, as well.  Not just those employers.  Why?  For allowing such larceny to take place in our midst.  For allowing the illegals to be attracted in the first place.  Rather than ’keeping things clean’ in our living space, and thus, letting any erstwhile illegals know that they won’t be rewarded, if they do come in illegally.2

So, such employers need to be thrown into jail, along with the illegals that they have attracted; for whatever period of time that helps to drain that swamp.  

Yes.  I am an ogre.

To some people.

And other living things.

But I’m not alone.

And which is worse.

To be an ogre to some.

Or a criminal to all.

P.S. And speaking of that other ogre:
     President Trump needs to purge the military of all those who were going to go along with the New World Order crowd.
     MPs: Do your duty.  Obeying your oath of allegiance, that is.

P.P.S. As for other things going wrong in the U.S.:
     No more No-Go zones in the U.S.
     That is effing nonsense in this country.  The idea here is Out of Many, One.  Not the opposite.  That is the work of our mortal enemies: again, the NWO crowd.
     With whom I have a very big beef.
     Ogre that I am.
     To some.   

P.P.P.S. And for the record; on this day, I sent the following in to the White House:

My ideas & comments to the White House Joint [Congressional] Address Issues Survey:


Electoral Reform: Any state that does not certifiably clean its voter reg rolls of all ineligible voters and dead/duplicate voters, and require photo ID, etc. does not have their votes counted towards federal elections (thus the disenfranchising of its American citizens: to be made a crime).  As it is, our American citizen votes in some states are being dissolved into near-nothingness by the likes of the votes of illegal aliens.  Like mine.  [I had indicated my home state in the info requirements of posters.]*

*[For the record: Is there any proof that IAs are voting?  A: It doesn't matter.  The mere fact that IAs can vote is in itself a criminal offence.]  

Additional Comments:

Purge the U.S. military of all those who were supportive of the New World Order agenda.  Quickly; before they can try to mount a coup. 

Clean out the swamp brought to light by the PizzaGate affair - all the pedophilia & worse going on, involving our elected officials.


1 And there is the (particularly telling) case of at least one state where the law also allows the official poor to waive the cost of such ID; thus clearly undercutting the claim by the Democrats that such laws discriminate against the poor.  ‘Oh no - that doesn’t matter - It’s still discrimination against the poor!  Wah!  Wah!’  How so??  ‘Because.  Wah!’    

2 The same with having allowed IAs to ‘qualify’ for various welfare benefits.
   No.  More.
   Those are for Americans.
   And even then, they are subject to a good cleanup.
   Another story.
   Or rather, another aspect of the same story.

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