Thursday, 9 February 2017

In Our Time

from ’St. Joseph’s University Professor: ‘People Are Going To Die’ Because Of White Trump Voters (Audio)’ - Anthony Gockowski for Campus Reform - February 8

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 8)

This s.o.b. needs to be censured, and censured hard, for his scurrilous charges and demeanor. I hope the St. Joseph's University alumni rake this guy and the administration over the coals. for this guy's outrageous behavior.

I hesitate to call him a professor. He is an indoctrinator, pure and simple. And a particularly reprehensible one at that.

from ‘State Dept. Insider Exposes Refugee Program As ’Full Of Fraud’ -  Leo Hohmann - February 8
(“A 25-year employee of the State Department just let loose with a scathing account of the "fraud" going on behind the scenes of the U.S. refugee program.

“And the whistleblower is also going public to defend President Trump's authority to implement his "extreme vetting" order …”)

What a scam.  Hear it, O America:

The people - both in front of and behind the curtain - trying to ‘Smash the Wall!’ and ’Stop the Freeze!’ and such are those who are trying to bring this nation to its knees, and thereby merge it into a (totalitarian) New World Order; particularly because they believe (erroneously) in AGW, or Anthropogenic Climate Change as it is now known, and so believe it is ‘good’ to do so. Which is in actuality a tool employed by their, and our, erstwhile masters.  All, in order to further the plan of the likes of the Trilateral Commission, to shift the world’s economic system into one based on resources, and particularly on carbon reduction.  Which paints a bullseye on the chests of all of us (as CO2 emitters); most of us known to TPTB as ’useless eaters’ anyway.  And so many of the Millennials believe it, because their professors told them so.  

This is all perfidy.  In its way, like 9/11; and all of the other attempts to take over control of this country and the world by a mess of villains: Some on what is known handily as the far Left, and some on the far Right, but all controlled at the top of the pyramid of power by the same nest of vipers.   And their masters. 

Wake up, People.  We have a major work to do:

to save the world from their clutches.


All who believe in Power Over.  Rather than Power With.  And Within.  Human beings being essentially the spiritual beings that they are.  Each responsible for their own development.

Not as ciphers of the almighty state.  To be used and abused at will.

At the will of such base creatures as these who would presume to take us over.

Enough.   I say.

What say You, Citizen???

It'a your time.

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