Monday, 13 February 2017

Well, America, What Did You Expect?

An outfit has just sent me a ‘National Immigration Policy Survey’ soliciting my “voice…on this critical issue of illegal immigration that has now reached crisis proportion in our nation,” involving such areas as Homeland Security, Crime, Welfare, Taxes, Economy, and Culture.  Quite an effect.  I am tempted to send back a response representing my ‘voice’ on the matter along the following lines:

‘Dear America,

‘You bought a pig in a poke for a president for the last 8 years.  A man with a particularly dubious background, in questionable birth circumstances; having a card-carrying member of the Communist Party as a mentor in his youth (inculcating in the impressionable and fatherless and conflicted young lad, of both oppressed and oppressing color, a deep-seated hatred for - expressed outward to - America); attending two institutions of higher learning under (blocked) questions regarding if he had applied as a foreign student or not (having lived his childhood years abroad; and registered as with Indonesian citizenship in a madrasa school there to boot), and under what national passport did he travel to (Muslim) Pakistan during that time; whose first job out of his undergraduate days was with a CIA front organization; and whose political career - after some seasoning as a revolutionary radical under the ‘school’ of ‘community organizer’ Saul Alinsky, and with financial support for his subsequent graduate school time (during which he supposedly became a constitutional legal ’scholar’) contributed by a foreign (Muslim) power - began in the front room of Weather Faction poster-couple Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  Who, subsequent to which seminal event, and his candidacy for and election to the highest office in the land, started undermining the strength of the U.S. military, appointed some Muslim Brotherhood-connected people to his executive-branch agencies, and signaled - for all the world to see - his ‘calling’ by publicly playing down the idea of American ’exceptionalism’.  In favor of making of the U.S. just another entity, even merely a part of one - call it, oh, say, the North American Union?? - to be brought in submission to the (totalitarian-minded) New World Order. 

And so here we are, with the various aspects of the revolutionaries - K-12 teachers, university lecturers and full professors, international bankers, multinational chiefs and staffers, federal and state government employees, nonprofit Foundation chiefs and staffers, and crucially to the enterprises: the chiefs and staffers of the MSM - outraged that the elections just past - which they thought they had skewed sufficiently by various means of rigging - went against them, with the great swathe of Middle America saying a resounding NO to their revolutionary path to the future of the nation and, because of the nature of what is ‘up,’ of the entire world, under their self-desired command.  Their best-laid plans put on temporary hold, until they figure out what to do, beyond blocking Trump at every turn.  They are beside themselves, as their great prize - the United States - begins to slip from their grasp - again!  It was bad enough when it happened under Ronald Reagan (and his Curses-foiled-again reassertion of ‘fundamental American values’ that these people rail against; being of the Dark side as they are, and wishing to rid the world of those smug creatures who think they are morally superior to them, their rightful Masters).  And now another Knight in Shining Armor riding to the rescue of the bourgeoisie against them - !!  Tarnished though they can make his exterior, such a person can still cause much trouble to and for their Great Plan for humanity.  Well; for the’ useless eaters’,  Whatever.                            

‘So: Here we are.  With the really salient question being: 

‘What did you expect???



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