Sunday, 5 February 2017

On Handling The Truth

As a bit of a matching bookend to my earlier blog today:

from ‘California Not Doing Enough to Combat Voter Fraud’ - shawn - February 2; posted here February 5
(A good rundown on the various weaknesses - to say, corruption - in the system here.  Many of the posters to the article, basically disgusted with California in general, simply want to see the state cut off and left to its own devices.  Wrong call.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (February 5)

I live in CA - and am even in the heart of the problem, L.A. County - and it is true: Nothing is done to stop the IAs from voting. And the precinct workers are even instructed NOT to ask for any ID, it's that blatant. I am being effectively disenfranchised - and refuse to vote, because that would be the equivalent of aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime in this state - and I want the federal government to come into this state and clean house - restore the validity of my vote, as an American citizen being disenfranchised. (They did it for black Americans in the South years ago; it can be done.) That means for it to take action from the head of the snake - 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown, our conniving governor - down. Force the state to install certifiably cleansed voter reg rolls; require mandatory photo ID (the state already has available a state photo ID that one needs to show a copy of one's birth certificate to acquire; a simple procedure); certifiably cleansed Absentee Ballot Voting and Early Voting; and back to paper ballots - a clear paper trail. And if all this hastens a showdown on this Voter & Electoral Fraud matter - so be it. It's time to get serious about all this banana-republic crap that has been going on for far too long now.

P.S. And don't tell me that we simply need to vote for all this, and not get the federal govt. involved. It's Catch-22 time here: the Left has captured the state's electoral system, with all the IAs who are already voting. Sweet. And disgusting. But don't just write CA off. The U.S. needs CA in particular for its ports, and its Fruit & Veggie Basket of the country. The answer is not CalExit. The answer is bringing back the Union to its proper state of being.

from ‘Obama Administration Into Child Trafficking, Drug & Gun Running, Money Laundering’ - Dave Hodges - February 4/5
(Hodges feels that it is untrue that ab. 70 ‘names’ are going to be arrested thru the PizzaGate info leak, saying that The People can’t be allowed to lose faith in their government, because Trump needs continued support for his initiatives from the public, so the cleanup will be done quietly.  Wrong call, Dave.)

Stan February 5, 2017 at 10:54 pm
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With all due respect, Dave, you are mistaken on this matter. Hillary; Obama; Panetta – the works: Out. All the politicos in Congress involved in PizzaGate: Out. All the State Dept. employees involved in such corruption: Out.

Draining the swamp needs to be, and mean, just that. The Public has a basic Right to Know. You need to stop trying to protect The People from The Truth. It’s time to clean house. Period.

We can handle the truth, Dave, & Co.

And, it is coming our way anyway.

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