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From A Spiritual Community...

  …To A Workshop Center
‘On Good Ideas Gone Awry’

First, an anecdote about my days living in an international spiritual community in the north of Scotland called Findhorn, or more precisely, the Findhorn Foundation.1

One of our members, a particularly ambitious youngish fellow - American; a workshop leader, and with part of that American entrepreneurial spirit beating in his heart and blood, and wanting to be let out2 - hit on the idea of trading on our community’s good ‘commercial’ name: He made a proposal, in concert with his then-partner, later-wife (of the traditional, female variety), to run Cluny3 purely as a workshop center, with the members being paid employees (of, ahem, him and his workshop-leader  partner), to clean the rooms and cook the meals; ‘precisely’ as they did now, only with more money in their individual pockets.  His proposal was turned down flat.  We had not come there to be employees of a workshop center.  We had come there to be members of a spiritual community.  

And yet, that was precisely where the community was headed.  When I had had enough, some years later, and left the spiritual community-cum-workshop center, ‘somehow’ turned around in order of emphasis.  

Where am I going with this anecdote from my past.  I am going to take it to a larger level, in applying it to another good idea-cum-screwed up:

the United States.  Specifically: its Constitution.

Long story short: 

Nobody who has bought into the canard of the Constitution being ‘a living document’ has any business either sitting on the judicial bench or training lawyers.  The Constitution is a contract.  It beggars belief, and boggles the mind, how lawyers can argue the fine points of a contract, in getting to the precise meaning and intent of the contract as drawn up and agreed to, and not do the same for/in relation to the Constitution.  

It is a legal agreement between two parties, the States and the federal government; and if that agreement is to be changed, there is a way provided - built into the agreement - by which that can happen.  When ’they’ say, ‘as interpreted by the courts,’ that has to mean ‘in relation to the original intent’.  Not in relation to the personal socio-politicall proclivities of the judges.  Or ’the law’ is an ass; is a meaningless tool; is a wet noodle; is a farce and a fraud.  

I don’t know how that ‘living document’ attitude towards the national contract crept in to our form of jurisprudence.  But it needs to be, not crept out.  But booted.  In one fell swoop.  

Before it’s too late; and it has become so ‘set in its way’ that it is impossible to put this nation back to rights.  

That attitude towards the law has more than just the whiff of arbitrary law about it.  The Law can be tempered with Justice.  But not transmogrified by arrogance.  Or it has no meaning whatsoever, except just what arrogant judges choose to read into it; declaring, in effect, ’I am the law’.  And we have had quite enough of that sort of attitude in the past on this sorely put-upon planet, by rogues and scoundrels.  So, that attitude


Has no place.  In

The New.   

As to that:    

On Jurisprudence In The New Age       

I’m not sure what precisely The Law will look like in the New Aeon, now upon us.  But I know what it wilt not look, and be, like.   

It will not be like it is today, under the gavel of whimsical judges.

At least, as it is, things are, in the United States.

But - fortunately - about to change.

Because I won’t have it?

Not precisely.  Rather, because 

the environment won’t have it.  The environment,

of a more rarified air - frequency; resonance - than we have become used to.


But - for a purpose.

For just such lesson-learning as we have gone through.

In this vale of tears.

This classroom.  This, ahem, workshop center.

For aspiring gods.

Who need to know the difference between right and wrong.

Or they will not graduate.

Which category of being is upon us.

Upon, that is to say, those of us who can pass the test of such discernment.  Going on

as we speak.


1 to distinguish it from the nearby fishing village of Findhorn; whose community members long felt, and most probably still feel, that ‘we stole their name;’ bristling a bit under the knowledge that the world knows ‘Findhorn’ for the spiritual community that grew up in its midst (more precisely, in a caravan park a couple of miles short of the fishing village itself), rather than for them.  And, their being canny Scots, I wouldn’t doubt that part of the ‘animosity’ was contrived, in order to get us to make a financial contribution to their cause…

2 who, rather ironically as it turned out, inspired a rechristening of one of our programs, from ‘Long Term Guest’ - i.e., those guests who came for a minimum of a month, to experience life in our community in more depth than just the regular programs allowed for (and often with a view to possibly joining us, in our spiritual enterprise) - that is to say, from just naming a category, to ‘Living in Community Guest’ - that is to say, to naming/drawing attention to the essence of the program.
   Slight difference.  But slight differences can have big meanings...   

3 the former Cluny Hill Hotel, turned Cluny Hill College under our auspices: a large (approx. 100-bed) building five miles away in the nearby town of Forres from the caravan park - the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park - where our community was founded and basically located.  Some 35 members of the community ran Cluny as the community’s major workshop center. 
   That’s the spiritual community’s workshop center.  Not to be read the other way around.  Or considered the other way around.
   Read on…

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