Sunday, 12 February 2017

Keeping My Oar In

1) from ‘Fed Workers Planning To Sabotage Trump’ - Ed Straker; orig. posted at  American Thinker - February 12  


Reboot the EPA. Kick everyone out, start over from scratch.

  • Mountaingal FrankC 2 hours ago 

  • The EPA isn't the only Agency that needs to be (re)BOOTED! Looks like there's going to be a lot of job openings coming available soon in the Federal Government. So Trump is already creating new jobs (as he promised) and doesn't even have to "work" for it. ;)

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  •          WVF Mountaingal an hour ago 

    • I certainly hope he has his people concentrate on the IRS!
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    •           kibitzer3 WVF a few seconds ago (February 12)

      • The IRS is illegal anyway. Let's hope that when Trump said that he would 'drain the swamp,' he meant it. That means, FULLY, getting back to the original federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A.  Not the corporation that has taken over, with its corporate executive agencies.

2) from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Arrogant Illegal Alien Who Voted 5 TIMES in Presidential Election Just Got VERY Bad News’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - February 12
(“Mexican national, and illegal alien Rosa Ortega blatantly registered and voted in 5 different cities in Texas. And she just found out the price for getting busted…”)

Permalink Reply by Bob Casper 14 hours ago

This is rampant in California.... Jerry Brown the governor put in a law that allows people to automatically be registered to vote when they get their drivers licenses. In the State of California illegal residents can get California drivers licenses. And since they are automatically put on as a registered voter the only way they can be eliminated from the voter registry is if some one takes the time to look at their citizenship and then take them off the roles....

As California is a very left leaning State, this has not been done and the Governor is in no hurry to make sure this gets done. That is why it is highly suspected that over 1 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary in the State of California in November... All California's are aware of this... But not much we can do... This State is truly out of control... Same goes for sanctuary cities... Until we vote out the liberals and left wing Democrats in this State California is going to continue to be a throne in the side of America...

This does not mean that all California's are left wing ding bats... I am not, I have just chosen to live here... I am praying that eventually like God has given back our country to us, He will eventually give us back our State too....

God bless and have a wonderful day!!!

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    • Permalink Reply by Herbert Lee Woodbury 44 minutes ago
    • More like 5 million illegal alien votes in mexifornia.

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    • Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (February 
    • 12)
    • Totally sympathetic with you, Bob.  As a fellow Californian,  
    • and in the heart of the beast - L.A. County - to boot, I have
    • refused to aid and abet in the commission of a crime by
    • engaging in this scam, sham, fake, fraud, farce, illusion, 
    • delusion of  'voting' in this state.  But we will never be able 
    • to cleanse the system by just voting anymore: the Left
    • has captured the high ground, with all of its illegal aliens
    • and other ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate/
    • multiple voters.  So the answer?: Get the federal
    • government to come in here and kick ass - arrest the
    • state authorities who are allowing this crap to go on,
    • without cleansing the voter reg rolls, and thus 
    • disenfranchising American citizens.  And that means all
    • the way to the top - that's 'Jesuit Jerry' Brown.  And to do
    • it before he and his fellow traitors take the state out of th
    • Union in their CalExit agenda.
    • California needs to stay in the Union, for a lot of reasons,
    • not least for its ports, and its Central Valley Fruit & Veggie
    • Basket.  And also because we must deprive the New
    • World Order crowd of their 'mission': To fasten on the
    • (former) U.S.A. and the world their totalitarian top-down
    • Order, better known as gulag.  Make no mistake: This is
    • crunch time.  Time for all good men and women to come
    • to the aid of their country.


3) from ‘Will Trump Have to Invade California?’  Dave Hodges - February 11/12
(The latest being that the State has announced that it is going to protect Muslims if Trump tries to do anything in this State as regards his selective ’immigration’ freeze.  So they are now joining illegal aliens as categories protected in this ’sanctuary state’.  So what are you going to do about THAT, Donald???…)  

Stan February 13, 2017 at 12:35 am
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I am an American citizen living in California, and in the heart of the beast, namely, L.A. County, to boot. I am being disenfranchised; not only because this State, which is jam-packed with illegal aliens, requires no ID to vote – and allows IAs to obtain drivers licenses anyway; and has a Motor Voter law, whereby all drivers license holders are automatically registered to vote – but because it telegraphs an invitation to all the IAs to vote by having a policy of not cleansing the voter reg rolls (simply says that people are on the rolls “on penalty of perjury,” and that’s it – no checking to see if anybody HAS perjured themselves). I want the federal government to come into this State and clean house – all the State and County authorities who are responsible for this crime: Out.

And thus, head this CalExit bastardly business off at the pass.

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