Thursday, 16 February 2017

Enough Already - 2

I got riled today by an email from a friend who forwarded therein - in a favorable/supportive attitude - an online article on demonstrations by, er, ‘immigrants’ against Pres. Trump’s, er, ‘immigration policy’.
(“In response to President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant executive orders and sweeping deportation raids that have led to nearly 700 arrests nationwide, immigrants in cities across the country are walking out of work Thursday for a "Day Without Immigrants" strike, to demonstrate how much the United States depends on immigrants.

(“In Washington, D.C, alone, over 60 restaurants will be closed, with many more only offering a limited menu as owners scramble to cover for the absence of their entire kitchen staff.
(“Students around the country are expected to refuse to go to school, with at least one school in D.C. canceling classes in advance.
In Washington, D.C, federal contract workers are also holding a massive strike in Upper Senate Park to protest low wages and pay cuts.”)
My response:  


“We do understand that there is a difference between immigrants and illegal aliens, don't we?  And that the jobs that illegal aliens are taking at this time can go back to American citizens, who are out of work in very large numbers.  Don't we??*  That we don't NEED illegal aliens for this nation to work.  Don't we???  That our sympathies would better lie with all those erstwhile immigrants who are patiently waiting their turn to come into this country, through the front door, and thus are demonstrating thereby that they are good potential law-abiding American citizens.  Don't we????

“What has happened to common sense in this country??????????????????????????

“Sorry.  As you can see, I am not impressed with all this partisan leftist twaddle.  Especially when its ultimate goal is for the U.S. to be taken down - via the likes of the Cloward-Piven Strategy - and merged into being merely a part of a region of the totalitarian New World Order; whose leadership is decidedly of the Dark side.  Not of the Light.  And so, this is very serious business.  Not partisan joyful happy-clappy stuff at all.  


* A young black guy was in downtown Long Beach some time ago with a homemade sign expressing his disgust that he, as an American citizen with low skills/training, can't get a job because of the huge influx of illegal aliens in this area.
   He was spot-on right.”


I was about to add to/include in it:

"The expression ‘useful idiots’ comes to mind."  But I didn’t want my friend to think that I was talking about present company.  (Although there was an element of susceptibility to manipulation there.  I mean, come on.  Trump does not have a discriminatory 'immigration policy'.  That's Newspeak.  By, er, miscreants.)  That I meant, rather, all those IAs who are being organized to ‘stand up for their’, er, rights???, by their NWO organizers; and all those young people ‘Millennials’ who have been brainwashed in their socialistic schooling to be part of the battering ram used/created to demolish this country.  Or at the least, to hammer it into submission to our erstwhile masters.

As to them.  Whom I euphemistically labeled 'miscreants,' for the more squeamish members of this audience.

These people that we are up against these days, and now in spades, as it were, have no morals; or to say, have reverse morals: What is right is whatever advances their agenda, and what is wrong is whatever impedes it.  Everything being relative; there being no absolutes in their cosmology.  

Reverse.  As in their vision/agenda, of a brutal, totalitarian ’New World Order’.  The reverse image of

the real thing.

Now coming into manifestation.  In large part, thanks to this Dark side energy: because of the Dark side’s delivery of the circumstances for its delivery.  

Given the nature of the laws that govern such things.  

Given, to say more fundamentally, that the universe operates by laws.  Is not random, or chaotic.  Is a well-thought-out, precision instrument.  The purpose of which would appear to be two-fold:

to demonstrate such creative power; and 

to pass such creative ability on to its sentient parts, for them to become self-generating aspects of the Whole themselves.

As to that Whole.

As I said in a recent blog:

God is not mammalian.  That condition is part of the creation.  There had to be something before the creation - a Creator.  An It.  THAT is the state of Being that we are - our consciousness is - descended from; and which we are heading for.  

And it’s graduation time, out of this stage of that Process.  For, we have become self-aware.  And sufficiently so, now, to move out of this level of awareness.

And onto a higher plane. 

Needing more challenge, to continue to progress us 

out of the (relative) darkness

into the Light

of a

New Day.

Call it the New Age.  Call it the New Paradigm.  Call it the Kingdom of God.  Whatever works for you to call it.

But get with it.

Your Higher Self is calling you to.

Which is what connects you with

The Whole.

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