Tuesday, 28 February 2017

And Now We Come To...

  An End

Now let me get this straight.  The American government gave a private entity access to its money supply - its printing presses - and established no audit trail on its operations?

Did it have rocks in its head??

No.  Apparently it had big bucks in its dreams.

And thereby, the nation - and the world - has been flooded with ‘secret money’.

Money unaccounted for, on any ledger.

Used, to do all sorts of venal things.

Metered out into the economy, via both secret means and governmental largesse.  Like the Usurper, Obama, handing it out like candy.

All, like throwing currency out of a helicopter.  (Eh, Helicopter Ben?…)

And no inflation created by its flooding of the money supply.  Because all that sort of thing is controlled by computers these days.

And people control the computers…

Sweet.  But in the end:

no cigar.

Because that party is over.  And the Dark minions will get theirs.  

Their comeuppance.

And that includes you, dear Dark minion, monitoring this site.  And your brothers and sisters, monitoring other sites.

You will get what’s coming to you, too.

Because it’s all recorded.  All, that we do.  And think.

For, life - the Creation - is like a gigantic computer.  And we are a part of its memory board.

And you know what?

God loves you, too.

Because you are a part of the Creation.

And the Creation - just like its essence: a computer - has a Purpose.

And thus, you are a part of it, too.

So, we are about  to break bread together.

Because a Time has come, for that to happen.

It’s a wrap.

As it were.

And we will all take a look at the lessons that have come our way.  In

this classroom.

For apprentice gods.

Which is what we are.

In our essence.

Being part of 

the Godhead.

Which knows precisely what we have been going through.

Because It has been there, too.

Because it is

the All That Is.

And has ever been.

And ever will



Meanwhile, back at the action stations…

from thecomonsenseshow.com: ’TSA Beta Testing Retinal Scans to Board An Airplane  - The Police State Advances’ - Dave Hodges - February 28
(A reader of Dave’s site reported that in order to board a flight from Florida to Mexico recently he had to submit to a retinal scan, photoed along with his passport…) 

Stan February 28, 2017 at 11:40 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.) 

Excellent heads-up, Dave.

So they are getting a retinal-scan ID data base on all of us, one enslaved body at a time…

How can we get Trump to wake up to this, and call a halt to it?? Anybody have any clout with his protective circle???


Above, I said that God loves all Its souls.  As facets of Itself.  (Itself = that which is beyond Duality.)

So, a part of me does, too.  But the incarnate part of me still has incarnate, somewhat independent emotions.  And some of these people - these incarnate souls - amongst us, to me, are just a bunch of arrogant assholes.  Demonstrating low consciousness.  A slap in the face of their creation.  And potential.  Dishonoring themselves, and others.

And I can hardly wait to help bring them 


Especially those who are playing fast and loose with MY country.


Hey boyos:

The United States is NOT going to become like the former Soviet Union.

Been there.  Done that.

Take your shitty ideas and stuff them.

And then we can talk, about other things.

Like, about the part that you are playing (in the Drama that has been designed to 'catch our consciences').

And are playing it too damn well, for my taste.

And patience.

The bottom line:

We need to honor each other better than we are, at present.

Others as ourselves.  In

the One of our basic Being.

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