Tuesday, 14 February 2017

On Getting Fed Up

The Conservative Tribune has carried a story titled ‘BOOM: Pat Boone Gets Fed Up, Tells Truth About Meryl Streep Media Won’t Report’:

*In an interview with the U.K. Daily Mail, 1950s pop icon and conservative activist Pat Boone went after actress Meryl Streep for her anti-Trump rants, saying that Trump deserves a 'chance' and that Streep is 'in the side of the career that applauds (trashing Trump) … it’s good for her.'

“A very fed-up Boone made the remarks as he arrived at the 25th annual Movieguide Awards. He also criticized Hollywood’s conformist liberalism…” 

This site only accepts comments through Facebook.  I canceled my subscription to FB when on the one hand they censored comments critical of Hillary, and on the other hand allowed on one of their platforms a terribly vile image of a hooded BLM guy (that’s as in Black Lives Matter; not Bureau of Land Management.  Although the similarity doesn’t end there), a la Jihadi John, slitting - extremely graphically - the throat of a white cop, with blood spots spurting all around a gaping wound in the neck.  (A ‘call’ for violence in the political climate in which it was posted if I have ever seen one.  And for prosecution on said grounds as well.)  If this site allowed real conservatives to comment - i.e., those who have canceled their subscriptions to FB as well -  this would have been mine: 

“I don't understand something.  The 'liberalism' of Hollywood I understand.  But why hasn't anybody from the media clarified with her, or confronted her with the fact that Trump did NOT 'mock a disabled reporter,' that that was a false allegation, since corrected.

“Oh wait.  Maybe I DO understand. 

“Still, she needs to be called on it.  And correct her (very) public utterances.  In public.”

I am guessing that she doesn’t know that yet because the MSM hasn’t reported that little fact yet.  Its not being newsworthy, and all.

To them.  Who are in the business of reporting what their masters tell them to, and how they tell them to.

Trained seals as they are. 

An act that is getting very old by now.

Like the oldest profession.

So, let’s call them what they are, in very fact:


Hang your heads in shame, gang.  You have dishonored a once-noble profession.  

On which a free country is based.

Not the kind that you are trying to ring in.

'Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  'Ringing in the New'.  World Order, that is.  - Oops.  Sorry about that, boss.  Got a little carried away, there.  But it was just a little slip.'

And here's 'just a little slip' for you, fella.

A pink slip.


As I say:


And as I further say:

Get thee behind me, Satan.

You've got work to do?

I've work to do.

And watch how it's really done.

To say: For real.

Not for

the reel.

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